Political crosstitute

Political crosstitute


Deputy speaker Pono Moatlhodi crosses over to the BNF

The Deputy Speaker of Parliament Pono Moatlhodi resigned from the BDP on Tuesday.

On Wednesday the embattled legislator was already brandishing the Botswana National Front membership card at a press conference as he was being baptised in opposition politics.

Addressing the press conference Moatlhodi who cited “insults and humiliation” by BDP members as part of the reasons for his resignation said that Batswana were alreading looking at a united opposition as an alternative government in waiting.

In his maiden speech as a BNF member Moatlhodi called for opposition parties cooperation in the next elections.

The former BDP firebrand said plead with opposition parties to focus on the bigger picture in order to deliver the change that he said Batswana were so desperate for.

For his part, Boko said Moatlhodi experience will come resourceful to the BNF.

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