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MYOBI got up this morning wondering what I should write about this week.

Then, as I put the kettle on to make a cup of coffee, it hit me.

Not a column idea, a drop of water; and when I looked up and saw that the drip was coming from the light fixture that was located just below the bathtub I realised I had more urgent things to do than sit in front of a computer.

Fortunately, I like messing around with tools and fixing things around the house.

That’s partly because I enjoy working with my hands and partly because I don’t like paying for the services of plumbers, electricians or mechanics every time something breaks.

One of the great dangers of being a do it yourself kind of guy, however, is that when you know you can sort something out yourself you sometimes put off small jobs so long that they become big jobs that have to be attended to immediately instead of when it is convenient.

That’s right; I knew I had a leak in the bath and shower plumbing.

As a mater of fact, I made a makeshift repair with a homemade washer three months ago on the shower valve connection I had to repair this morning.

I did that because I couldn’t find any of the correct washers here in England where I now live; but interestingly I did manage to find them in Francistown in January during my stay in Botswana so I brought some back with me so I could do the job properly.

Of course, I never did… until this morning… when I had to.

The thing is this time I had to remove the front panel of the bathtub to make certain there wasn’t another leak in the plumbing because from on top of the tub it looked like all the water from the valve leak was running into the tub and down the drain.

And that leads us up to the point I’ve decided to try to make today: my life would be much easier if I just listened to my own advice… and I suspect that idea holds true for most of you as well.

At the end of February I wrote a column called Go With the Flow that basically said there is a time for everything and the trick to getting on well in this life is to be in touch with what’s going on around you so you can get in step with that timing.

Well, I did follow my advice this morning because I realised I had to stop the leak before it got into the light wiring and did too much damage to the kitchen ceiling – if I didn’t I would have had even bigger problems – but I’d been out of step for quite a while.

I knew long ago the time had come to fix that valve properly but I chose to ignore it so I wound up under a bathtub rushing to finish a job that could have been done at my leisure instead of on the day my column was due.

On the up side, I did find something to write about.



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