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Some women though!

Why on earth would a grown up woman do everything in her power to embarrass herself?

Well if you are wondering what I’m getting at, Yours Truly just got wind of news that a pint sized woman popular in the corporate circles tried every trick in the book to bonk rapper Ja Rule.

Those who saw her said the flirtatious lady disregarded the fact that the ‘Pain is love’ hit maker was in the company of his wife but continued dangling her ‘candy’ in front of the embarrassed rapper.

The ex-convict however did not fall for it and it is not yet clear why but Shaya could think of three reasons.

Either Ja Rule was scared of his wife, he has lost his game or the older woman’s candy was not appealing enough.


He is bold, gutsy and talented. Motswafere is not your average lad.

He is in touch with his feminine side and he is not apologetic about it.

Since his star began to rise after his exploits on MyStar, the performer has never looked back.

But this risqué outfit is perhaps the most daring so far.

I mean he could easily put some of the Miss Botswana contestants to shame.

But Shaya is still not sure whether it’s a ‘WTF’ moment or a ‘WOW”.


Either Christianity standards have been lowered or there is a brand new Testament which I’m not aware of.

No sex before marriage is a rule overlooked by many Christians today and this include even spiritual leaders.

Shaya has just been informed that two female gospel artists are expecting.

Another apparently is carrying a pastor’s seed something which apparently has caused divisions within the church.

The Pastor already has two children with another church member and the two were supposed to get married until ‘yellow bone’ wormed her way into the Man of God’s pants.

In other related matters another artist known for her relationship with the ruling party is also expecting. Who could be the daddy?


When yours truly first heard that our former Vice President, Mompati Merafhe was busy penning down a book I thought it was all a joke until I read a newspaper which indeed confirmed the rumors.

Knowing the old man and his character, I can’t wait to read that book.

I just hope the editors will give him all the space to air what he knows and how he lived and enjoyed his life as a civil servant.

Oh! I am also expecting a chapter which talks about how young women (ma14) used to throw themselves at the young and attractive Merafhe.

We can bet, if given enough space to write all he wants this would indeed be a great read.

I would suggest it to be entitled, “The young attractive commander in chief, who attracted young women.”

I’m just saying, especially after he also recently said that he was once a charmer who made young women weak r knees.


When he quit his job at RB2 after the Big Brother fame, many thought Oneal will never make it.

He took his girlfriend Feza and went to settle in South Africa.

Guess what! With just a few days in a foreign land my boy was already making headlines and appearing on fashion magazines.

To all haters out there, Oneal is doing great and Shaya can confirm that he scored himself big and lives in an uptown house in Jozi.

Feza has also dropped a single and preparing an album.

Well, for now I can just say there is life after Big Brother if you are a true hustler but if you are like others (you know those others) you wouldn’t make it.

Big up Oneza but how far with the baby?



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