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In happier times

In happier times


An enraged wife stripped and beat her husband’s mistress after finding the ‘other’ woman living in her house.

Sadie Thapelo, 35, took revenge on her unsuspecting rival when she returned to her Tlokweng home from China where she had been studying.

A crowd of onlookers watched and cheered as the women confronted each other outside the house.

A Tlokweng married woman and her husband’s mistress became the centre of attention last Sunday when the two faced up to each other in a bitter battle.

Sadie Thapelo had just caught her husband’s concubine KhumoKomane aged 35 inside her house cooking food.

The unsuspecting mistress had wrapped herself with a white towel when Sadie and her friends pounced on her.

She was alone in the house belonging to Sadie and her husband ThapeloThapelo, 42.

The couple had been married for less than two years.

Relating the incident Sadie says she returned to the country from China, where she was studying a Masters Degree, in January.

Upon her arrival at the airport her husband’s relatives met her and took her to their home in Gaborone saying that her husband was out of town and had locked the matrimonial home.

After several failed attempts to get in touch with her husband,she decided to go and check out her home.

“I had information that my husband was staying with another woman in our house.

I tried to talk to him for three months but without success.

I engaged the Tlokweng Kgosi, police and his uncles but he failed to show up,” Sadie explained.

Upon arriving in Tlokweng she found to her surprise the house was locked, but with somebody inside.

“I knocked countless times until I forced the door open. I found an intruder inside my house.

I asked her what she was doing there but she did not speak. I then pulled a sjambok and walloped her,” she said.

Sadie explains that Komane did not attempt to fight back, which she took as an admission of guilt.

“I beat her several times. She did not even cry or scream, that lady is like a beast.

She confessed to having an extra-marital affair with my husband and revealed that they have a baby who is less than a month old.

“I put it to her that she was staying in my house and therefore she should pack her things and go, which she did.”

She further explained that Komane claimed Thapelo had not told her that he was a married man.

“She will know better next time that ignorance of the law is not an excuse.

I will teach her a lesson that she will never forget.

I understand she teaches Agriculture at a school in Molepolole.”

Sadie says she has since laid charges of marriage wrecking against Komane.

The case will be heard on 23 April at the Village Magistrates’ Court.

“I will sue my husband for bringing another woman into my house and I will sue him for breach of promise as he promised to be true to me through thick and thin,” she said.

Although Sadie says she has already forgiven her husband for having an extra marital affair, she will not rest until justice is done.

“I am a born again Christian who will never cheat on my husband.
I still love him even after what he did to me.

I will not file for divorce but should he file for divorce I will ask the court that he pays maintenance for his child.

We have a 7 months baby boy whom he has never met because he was born in China,” she added.

Reached for comment Thapelo did not dispute having an extra-marital affair with Komane.

He commented: “I am fed up with my wife.

She is harassing me. I am a nice guy. I want the world to know that I am divorcing her.

Court papers will be served on her this week. Watch this space.”

Both parties have confirmed that the fight was not reported to the police.

Komane could not be contacted to comment.








31 Responses to “EXPOSED”

  1. Rozah 2014/04/14

    matlhotlhapelo ruri

  2. NEOPHYTE 2014/04/14


  3. kabelo 2014/04/14

    ah mathata tota. A motona ..ah

  4. flame 2014/04/14

    U look like a nice guy but u r not. U wife is studying 2 better her life, instead of supporting her, u bring another woman 2 the house. U cudnt even hold on for 2 yrs. U r not a good man nd she’s probably better without u, sex addict.

  5. Tebogo Cholo Dlali 2014/04/14

    Dis marriage was nt of God, coz wat God puts 2gthr cnt b separated.

  6. big pol 2014/04/14

    This guy is a dramma king. nna ke mo itse a ntse jalo from home. Promised a lot of ladies manyalo, ke bone ba mo tshwereng ka dipelo. one in Ramotswa, Gabane and Naledi. malome wa gagwe gatwe are one a setse a lapile a sa itse gore tota areng. gompieno motho wa modimo are ga a itse gore wa go raya ba maunatlala are coz of ngwana wa bone. he has done a lot. he s not going to enter the kingdom of the lord. sa gagwe ke ditlhong hela a bua bo he wants the whole world to know that he s divorcing. he did not want this gal to go to school coz the guy ne a senyegetswe ke tiro. Yes fame the wife went to school to better her life ka gore ene o tlhola a kubilwe mo ditirong, neva keeps a job. O itshwenyetsang are ke mo ZCC wa badge. o senya kereke eo leina. ba ba itseng ko tlokweng ba tlaa go bolella gore jarata eo ke tlhatlola o bese. le ka di bua tsotlhe tse le dikgonang but this guy ga se motho. he lied to this gal are ntlu e gapilwe ka a sa bereke. kante o raya a tshwaletse ngwana wa batho mo ntlung.. Mxwe. i can write a lot ka this guy.

  7. RICHARD CAPHUS 2014/04/14

    hei big pol ke mathata

  8. Kesa 2014/04/14

    Sis!! (FBI) Female Body Inspector.. Nxa!!!!! O tsile go leiriwa, o chwega ntate.. passoop!

  9. mmalo!!!!!

  10. kells 2014/04/14

    What a beautiful, born again, educated wife! monna abo a dira jaaana!mmxmxm!koore borre bone ba batla eng?

  11. Chris M 2014/04/14

    He has not seen his 7 months old child? This husband is mad! Unfit to be a husband.People like this shame us as a country.

  12. sebui 2014/04/14

    Ijooo,nnyaa exposed tota!hey The Voice le yone,ke gore le ka mo ntsha hela a le jwalo??mme mma o dirile wa sjamboka,mme o kare o ka bo o ne o hithetse le monna wa mo sjamboka le ene!
    O tlhabisa ditlhong monna ke wena,o na le mosadi yoo dirang di masters wena o sala o o ja kuku,boloto ebile ka ke hoo le dirile ngwana!!ke ipotsa gore o becha ka eng ka ke hoo gatwe u neva keep a job,siis shame on u!
    Sorry if u indeed ddnt knw the truth Komane,bt if u did then IT SERVES U RYT!!

  13. Amorock 2014/04/14

    Dat jerk le ditlhong ga dio mo go ene nxaa o ntena fa are he z a nice guys le ngwana wa gagwe ga ise a mone.

  14. mells banyana 2014/04/15


  15. ngwigwa85 2014/04/15


  16. A di bope! 2014/04/15

    O itirile poo satane ke wena,mme o tla tsenwa ke makhwekhwenes o bo o swa.

  17. nkomo 2014/04/15

    Iyerrrr gatwe go eng neh!mxm “nice guy”,eses shamboko e nkabo e ba kwaripile botlhe dio tse,sis ba ntenelang,,so ngwanyana o fitlhela ntlo e ikagile?ga a ipotse gore motho a sa bereke o kgona jang to build such a nice house?monyana oo wa aka,o itse sentle o boleletswe gore “ke nyetse mma,mme ga ayo,tsena fela mo ntlong babe”waitse shamboko e nna ha nne ke feta ka tsela ke e bona e boa ko godimo ne nka re “mo nabole” santse le dirang ka bo married man tota?coz u can’t be with him as much as u would want,u are just a desperate sparewheel,o tlaa bakela go tsamaya o itsola ngwanyana,its a lesson to all ba ba dirang jalo,,ke oo mmata wa lona o tshwana le siki(sheleng)ya go rekisa quil o lese go robalwa ngwanyana mxm!close ….

  18. nkomo 2014/04/15

    Ya go rekisa quik ya mascom o tle o tlhokomele ngwana oo,mo tlogele a tsamaye monna oo,there’s nothing worth crying 4 in him,nte a je monate o tla a tla o mmiletswa ka go itsiwe wena motho wa Modimo ole the wife, ale ko isolation ward ko marina,a lwala kgomo e tona malwetse aaa sa bolelweng ka maina,let him divorce,ga a na le ha ele sepe o ne o mo jesa le nyatsi o sa itse,Modimo will wipe yo’ tears n give u a good man,poor nice guy’”sisness sekopa

  19. Wamathwaza 2014/04/15

    mosadi yo leene ekare a betswa lego kua abo asa kue! mme o dirile sente yare a kobiwa a reetsa gona lego dipa mo ntung ya motho

  20. Lectta Moroke 2014/04/18

    *We have a 7 months baby boy whom he has never met because he was born in China* ke ene mang Mr Sue? hehe, watch this space! aba_sh!

  21. Miss -O 2014/04/19

    from the first day I read this story, I could tell that something is wrong with this man. He is such a devil who will burn and rot in hell for hurting the heart of such a humble woman. God shall comfort this beautiful young lady and gives her the best in life. you shall see her prosper and get a man who will lover her and treat her with respect. wena tota o motho wa bo mmadirabanyana iseneng a Masters holder, who will be soon going for her Doctorate! le phologolo e botoka mo go wena. to the mistress, stop telling lies, you knew very well that monna yoo o nyetse, o a ineelela. tota ga twe ke eng mo banneng ba ba nyetseng,I d rather stay single than being used by this married man! le tlhong ga e yo mo go wena.

  22. gmpudu 2014/04/19

    i feel for you woman of God. U r studyind and le monna yogo nyetseng cannot suport you. He is busy frustrating you. Ao!!!!! Omo agetse ntlo mosadi yo. O kabo o mo tlogetse wa seka wa mmetsa. Tota mme basadi mo bannen ba ba nyetsen goa bo go batliwa eng

  23. gmpudu 2014/04/19

    i feel sorry for you beautiful woman. this man is frustrating you. O kabo osa mmetsa wa mo tlogela mo ntlong yo mo e agetseng. forget about this man and study hard to better your future.

  24. I still don’t agree with suing the other person for marriage wrecking nonsense. If you are a married man/woman who goes out to have an affair with another person outside your marriage, you are the one who wrecked your own marriage. The other person should be let go. I don’t know when the courts are going to be smart about this.

  25. robah 2014/04/21

    aaaah,mosadi wa MODIMO u can see gore this man is a total jerk…go raa gore ntse a sa go bate o bona a re wa divorsa jaana!!ebile e kare o ka fiwa full custody n neva allow him to see the kid coz he neva ivn made the effort to see the kiddy in the first place…he doesnt deserve it…God will give u more,thanx for forgiving him

  26. i dont condone violence on another woman because she slept with your man, the woman should sue for being beaten up

  27. stagarandah 2014/04/22

    We people we trust in our own strength, wealth and education to run our lifes! It is just a waste of time! Trust God and leave a peaceful life! Yes you will always encounter problems as long as you are living under this sun BUT God will always guide you how to handle that situation! If we are Christians we have authority in our heart,and that authority is to build not to destroy! Build your plans in the foundation of God, when the strong winds come like marriage wrecking comes they wont affect you because your house is build upon the rock of Christ! Let us learn to be obedience and not to be ruled by our earthly thoughts! Examine the matter into the light of God before you judge others! Pointing someone with a finger and the other 3 are pointing at you! In forgiveness there is no BUT!!!!!!

  28. Kgosi 2014/04/22

    No comment


  30. mathata a a batla kreste ka sebele

  31. Miss -O 2014/04/24

    Cap your comment e supa hela gore o mongwe wa batholo ba ba jelang batho. a ko lo tsweng mo go bo married!

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