gaborone-2014Team Botswana will be competing against 52 other countries during the Gaborone 2014 African Youth Games, across 20 sporting codes, of which some are not popularly practised in Botswana. 

It is in this regard that it is critical for Batswana to tap into their patriotic vein, and rise up to support Team Botswana and motivate the young athletes.

The power of home ground advantage has been seen even in Multi Sport events across the world, the London 2012 Olympic Games being a spectacle bearing evidence, where the host nation tallied an impressively high medal record than in any of the previous years at similar events.

This is not a coincidence or a result of a means, but rather a fact that with support and familiar environment confidence is boosted in an athlete hence possibility of maximum performance.

Team Botswana unlike other nations will have this rather unique opportunity to excel in their own turf.

Despite the team’s preparedness, the psychology of an athlete at the time of competition can supersede any preparation all year. Support, interest participation by the nation can help boost the athlete’s spirit.

It is therefore important that the nation rally behind these sports warriors.

An important fact to note is that these Games are the 2nd of their nature, and that at the inaugural, Batswana tallied six medals one of which was from Nijel Amos.

These Games were his first international Games, and he brought home a silver medal, two (2) years later, he won the country’s first Olympic medal at the London2012 Olympic Game.



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