A former female security guard and alleged abortionist who had a murder charge hanging over her head for three years was recently acquitted by a Francistown High Court Judge.

In passing judgment Judge Zibani Makhwade found no evidence linking highly pregnant Kediemetse Sebapalo (40) of Borotse ward in Tonota, to the death of Tshepho Maeke, who died from complications following a backyard abortion.

Although the prosecution called three witnesses to testify, their evidence “tended to create confusion rather than clarity on what transpired,” highlighted the Judge.

“The number of people the deceased approached in order to procure the abortion clearly indicates a lady who was desperate to seek an abortion,” continued Makhwade.

“In my view they [the witnesses] were clearly involved in assisting the deceased to terminate the pregnancy.

Any attempt on their part to distance themselves was clearly false,” cited Judge Zibani Makhwade.

He also highlighted that whilst the prosecution alleged that Tshepho’s first attempt to abort failed, and that she later went back to the accused, the evidence brought before the court indicates that the accused’s meeting with Tshepho only lasted for five minutes.

Justice Makhwade pointed out that the only witness capable of testifying whether or not Kediemetse did or didn’t perform an abortion on the deceased was Motsenagape Ketlogetswe.

“She took the deceased to the accused’s place.

The accused and the deceased spent about five minutes in the house. The witness remained outside.

There was no further contact between the witness and the deceased,” continued the Judge.

The only person alive to tell what happened in the house that day is the accused, who under oath gave a very simple version of what transpired when Tshepho was brought to her by Motsenagape.

“’She told me that she was pregnant and wanted to terminate the pregnancy.’

Tshepho further told her that she had paid P400.00 to some lady who inserted a feather but nothing happened.

She wanted to find out if the accused could help her to procure the abortion or if she knew of anyone who could do so.

The deceased told her she did not know of anyone.

The deceased left. She never met the deceased again.”

Due to insufficient evidence Kediemetse was found not guilty of the murder of Tshepho Maeke.

“She is acquitted and discharged of the charge of murder,” bellowed Justice Makhwade.


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