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It is said best deals are made on the greens. But the famous Mascarenhas – Raymond and Lebogang in the world of bowling have just proven that best relationships are planned and made on the greens.

Lebogang, popularly known as Lebo in the bowling circles is ranked 7th in the world following her sterling performance at the international bowling scene for a period spanning over two decades.

On the other hand, Ray is one of the experienced and reputable bowlers in Botswana. Like Lebo, Ray has been a member of the Phikwe Bowling Club for a substantial period of time.

It was in 1991 that the two famous bowlers met on the greens in the copper mining township of Selibe-Phikwe. By then, Lebo was only 31 years old and a bowling greenhorn. She has only been playing for three years.

At the time Ray, who originally hails from Srilanka, had almost a decade of bowling experience. He was a Mine Surveyor at BCL until last year when he retired.

He started off as Lebo’s coach. On a day and month that the couple could not really remember when their eyes met across the bowling green, Ray proposed love to Lebo.

Ray Mascarehnas

Ray Mascarehnas

“I thought he was crazy. It never crossed my mind that a champion like him could be attracted to a bowling novice like me,” said Lebo in an interview with Voice Sport recently. Lebo said she was bowled over that a champion could be interested in an amateur.

Deep in her thoughts as if replaying the events when Ray proposed to her, Lebo said the proposal was hard to resist.

“He was handsome and hard to resist,” Lebo said of Ray. She added that she was never distracted by the belief that Ray was a foreigner and coming from a very far away continent.

“A man is a rolling stone. A woman never knows where her love comes from. It is a matter of clicking together,” said Lebo.

For his part, Ray admitted that he was attracted to Lebo because she “was taking my instructions as I gave them.”

Ray described Lebo as a fast learner and a woman of note who had the eye for the ball.

“She showed a lot of sincerity both on the green and off the bowling pitch,” said Ray throwing a fleeting look at Lebo.

“The way she speaks is awesome. She is a loving person and a good bowler,” said Ray.

Over and above that, Ray added: “From the day I met her, we were getting closer and closer. And as they say, the rest is history.”



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