COMMITTED: Dr Walker and Dr Motlhabane

COMMITTED: Dr Walker and Dr Motlhabane

Botswana International university of Science and Technology (BIUST) has partnered with Questacon- Australia’s National Science and Technology Centre in an effort to generate interest and dispel illusions that mathematics and science are difficult subjects to learn.

The two organisations have introduced the Africa Science Circus (ASC), a pioneering science outreach project intended to create fun through engaging in science exhibits, shows and teacher workshops in South Africa, Botswana, Zambia and Malawi.

ASC, according to BIUST’s Director of Communication and Public Affairs, Shakie Kebaswele, is intended to make Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fascinating, attractive and accessible not only to students and teachers but also to the general public.

“The project uses interactive approach to learning so that students overcome their fear of science subjects and become comfortable with science, mathematics and related subjects.

The project gives gives meaning and purpose to the learning of science through making the teaching of science practical and exposing students to various STEM career paths,” he said.

Kebaswele further added that in then case of Botswana’s youth, ASC in conjunction with other initiatives has a unique role of propelling the youth into science and technology based careers as the country positions itself to transit from a resource based to a knowledge based economy through science and technology development.

This week BIUST’s Associate Vice Provost for Student Affairs, Dr Haniso Motlhabane together with Dr Graham Walker from the Australian Centre for Public Awareness of Science (CPAS) told journalists that the collaboration of the two institutions leverages on the experience and successes of the CPAS which have pioneered international science centre icons such as the Questacon in Australia.

Following an agreement to demystify science at a World Science Congress that was held in Capetown in November 2011, CPAS was one of the institutions that committed itself to work with like-minded institutions such as BIUST for this mission.



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