Tawana beats up political rival’s cousin in alleged sex attack but was he set up?

A young woman accusing Maun West MP and Batawana paramount chief Tawana Moremi of assault has denied claims that her violent encounter with the MP was a politically motivated set up.

Mompati Moholola, 25, and her cousin Reaboka Mbulawa have rubbished allegations circulating on Facebook that Mbulawa, who is Tawana’s political rival, planned to tarnish Tawana’s image in an underhand political manoeuvre.

Narrating details of what transpired during an incident that left her nursing stitches on the shoulder and bruises to the face, Moholola said that she met Tawana at a night club in Maun where he proposed love to her.

She said that although she rejected the divorced MP’s advances Tawana pestered her and even offered her a Hunters Gold drink that she reluctantly accepted.

She also accepted a ride from Tawana to a Maun late night fast food restaurant where she was to catch a taxi home.

BITTER: Mompati Moholola

BITTER: Mompati Moholola

“He gave me P100 as we were driving to Bimbos and said I could buy us food when we got there.”

Asked why she accepted gifts from a man whose love advances she had scorned Moholola said: “ I didn’t suspect him of any malice because he is a well known paramount chief.

I trusted him, that’s why I felt safe in his company and even agreed to ride in his car.”

She went on further to claim that things took a nasty turn when instead of dropping her off at Bimbos restaurant as agreed, the MP drove to a dark place not far from the restaurant where he parked and started demanding sex.

ACCUSED: Tawana Moremi

ACCUSED: Tawana Moremi

“When I tried to flee he got out of the car to punch me and wrestle me to the ground, injuring me in the process.

When he realised that security guards had spotted him, he drove away and left me there.

I was fetched by my cousins who took me to hospital for treatment.”

Although he phoned The Voice office with the Tawana story tip off the BDP candidate for Maun West constituency dismissed as far fetched allegations that he orchestrated the meeting between his BMD opponent and his cousin to set up his rival and gain political mileage.

“That’s rubbish. Contrary to what they told you I have never suggested to Tawana that he must admit guilt.

The only time I met him was when he wanted me to facilitate his meeting with the girl’s parents. I don’t know what they discussed at that meeting.

“Don’t treat this issue as a laughing matter because it can happen to your relative.

“I can’t be involved in issues that happened at night clubs.

Everyone knows that Tawana gets rowdy once in a while because it’s not the first time that he has had an assault case laid against him,” he said.

Reached for a comment, Tawana said: “I can confirm that I wrote a statement at the police station but I don’t want to say much because I don’t want to contaminate the police investigations. I am just waiting for the outcome.”

Maun police station commander, Kenanao Badumetsi claimed ignorance of the matter.




  1. roxido 2014/03/31

    Gadi jaa magosi rona malata re ba ga mang! Ele gore tlala ele e go tshwere kgosi ya batawana ke ya sekae mole o batla go inatswa ka force

  2. tipa11 2014/04/01

    O ne a ka se tlhoke yoo Tawana. Latela mosadi wa gago o lese divorce o tlaa swela mo zanthing(prison) ka rape

  3. tipa11 2014/04/01

    Maun ke ya Domi

  4. bagomotsi 2014/04/07

    Ba tholela Tawana.

  5. this man committed a crime, he beat up a woman and attempted to rape her, thats the issue

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