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Police in Francistown have allegedly launched a manhunt to root out suspected bad cops within the Botswana Police Service (BPS), The Voice has learnt.

Reliable sources say top cops are worried about criminal incidents often referred to as inside jobs happening at a number of police stations across the country.

Top officials at the Francistown central police station are reportedly launching an investigation in response to an incident that took place in the early morning hours of last Friday when unidentified persons attempted to steal diesel at the police station.

“After gaining entry by destroying the security fence the daring thieves switched off the big security light at the back of the police station before siphoning diesel into empty 20litres plastic containers,” Acting Francistown Central Police Station Commander, Assistant Superintended Bigboy Tiyedze has said.

The diesel tank provides fuel to the police station’s backup power generator during prolonged power cuts. Sources say the tank had been filled with about 90 litres of diesel the day before the incident.

Tiyedze said the police officers who were at work at the material time smelt a rat after realizing that an antenna outside the office was switched off.

Upon switching it on, Tiyedze said unknown people scurried away leaving empty plastic containers lined up at the diesel tank with two of them half full.

It is against this backdrop that some are of the belief that the incident was an inside job bearing in mind that the intruders knew where to switch off the security light and that fuel was in the tank.

“The police service is an institution that does not tolerate criminality. Ongoing investigations will establish whether it is an inside job or not and subsequently determine the extent of the punitive action,” said Tiyedze.

However, police officers who talked to The Voice on condition of total anonymity are adamant that the incident was an inside job.

“Meagre salaries that the police officers are getting are the cause. Those involved are trying to supplement their insufficient salaries,” said one officer.

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  1. Mooketsi dudely Thabiwa 2014/03/29

    Well mathata ke gore batho ba gaba duelwe le eseng ago makatse ka seo tota mmuso ako o okeletse bana madi o lese go gobelela tiro fela go sena kokeletso dituelo

  2. Thatayaone 2014/03/30

    That thief knew there was fuel…90L ” ke lepodise katswa go na le di connection

  3. tipa11 2014/04/06

    It’s not about low salaries, We worked for the police at B2 scale, now the lowest is B1 and they continue stealing? be resposible for the salary you earn le amogele seemo.

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