PATRONELLAH-MAFURAMeet Richard Moleofe a political novice from Mogoditshane. 

He is contesting this year’s elections as an independent parliamentary candidate in the constituency. As a new comer to partisan politics we asked our readers to pose questions to him.

This is how he fielded some of the questions.

Patronellah Mafura: Ex soldier, Former Sub Land Board Chairperson and Board Member, Moruti and now Mokoko. Do you think all these positions will help you during your campaign?

Over the years I have gained a wealth of experience through all the portfolios I have served in and that has prepared me to be a sound political leader who can articulate issues.

I recently joined the media as I write political, military and religious issues for Mmegi newspaper.

I have positioned myself in a way that I get a broader understanding of political issues.

Keal Kelly: why did you choose to be an independent candidate instead of joining other parties?

The reason why I am independent candidate is largely because of the failure of the opposition parties to unite and defeat the BDP.

If that was the case I would have injected my experience into other areas to campaign for the opposition.

For instance, the opposition lacks in the area of logistical organization and I have a wealth of experience from the military about organizing logistics in preparation for war, and here we are getting into a war against corruption, misappropriation of land and maladministration by the ruling party.

KabeloSkheboGabothuse: Being a mokoko definitely proves that u don’t want the BDP government.

Can’t u c that u are greedy?

People formed a coalition and named it UDC and u are running around with what we term vote splitter, which we experienced for the past forty years and which led to BDP becoming victorious, do u still want that kind of thing to repeat itself?

Even though your question is not clear, I will attempt to answer in the best possible way.

I only would support the UDC project if BCP was a part of it and I will not support BCP if they are not part of the opposition coalition.

Their lack of agreement has given birth to MEKOKO like me. It’s the choices they made and they have to live with the consequences- some which are already becoming evident.

As a MOKOKO without affiliation to any party, I am pinning my hope on electorates who are looking for content rather than party colours.

Martin Luther King said, “one day my two little children will live in a country where they will be judged not by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character.”

Joseph KenaleRamafifi: Politics is a game of numbers (majority) how will you expect your motions to pass in parliament as a mokoko.

My main issue now and in parliament will be land reform. At the moment parliament has gone to sleep over the issue of land and I will be getting there to shake them out of their sleep.

I have already petitioned the speaker of parliament over the issue of land reform in Mogoditshane and I deposited copies of the same in the pigeonholes of all MPs in October last year, but to this day they have done nothing.

My voice will be stronger from the inside and if they don’t want to listen I will get back to you the electorates so that we march to parliament to protest.

SoboloKebonyekgotlaMpusetsang: where does he get the selfishness of being independent?

INDEPENDENT: Richard Molefeofe

INDEPENDENT: Richard Molefeofe

The political landscape in this country is changing and I believe that in a short while people like you will become tolerant and accept dissenting voices like mine.

You cannot call my democratic right “selfish”.

ConciousTendaiSegotsa: as a moruti/religious person.. what will be your stance on corruption, high rate of unemployment etc… what should be done to curb the scams fully practiced by pastors in church.

When I am in parliament I will want to be a voice of reason and conscience to that institution.

Khumo Ace Oabile: Why should Mogoditshane residents vote for u?

I have a clear track record of excellence in leadership in all the institutions I have served in at various capacities.

I served at BDF as Deputy AIDS Coordinator where I was responsible for campaigns and that informs me in my search for votes.

As Land Board Chairman I have been progressive and seek change in a place that almost everyone in the country is unhappy about. I have been a community leader as I was born in Mogoditshane and indeed I have been a servant to the people.
Ke Rre Marato Motomedi: as a Politician, now, how about your Pastoral role, kana o tlogetse boruti? Last when we met in Capetown, you were a Chaplin for th eBotswana Defence Force, and is it he reason you left the Army, to join politics?

I think you know me very well, when I was at the University of Cape Town I studied Political Science specializing in Comparative Politics. This was part of getting myself ready to serve the people of Mogoditshane. This has been a long term plan.

Desmond Rixile DR-Mabasa: Is he friends with Jacob Zuma of South Africa?

I wish you could clarify your question. I am ready and prepared to tackle any question even if you want to demean me by equating me to corrupt people like Zuma.

KgaboSedibelo: People expect politicians to form a party with set of policies to one day form a government.

What is the point of independent candidates? What can they do on their own?

What should people read into it? Should voters bother with such politicians?

Let me make my point clear on this matter, I will elect an opposition party to join after a year at parliament. But it will not be BDP as it is most likely going to lose and join the ranks of opposition.

NicoMokgolele:If you can’t work with a political party what makes you think us citizens can work well with you?

Let me make this point clear once again. It is my democratic right to do what I am doing and it is within the constitution of Botswana.

Boy Moemedi: What inspired you to become a politician?

The 1994 Industrial Class industrial action inspired me to join politics because of the way government treated those poor people.

Our soldiers were instructed to drive into their places and this was against their will because as soldiers we had relatives and family members in the strike action. I am one person who does not want to see the poor being abused.

I rose to be in the middle class from very humble beginnings as I was the son of a peasant farmer and we were living in poverty.





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    Why can’t you team up with Mokgware and Kgokgothwane?

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