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  1. thusii 2014/03/24

    ao shems…i think o lucky mme cuz maybe if she woke up the attacker would have killed her.nd the police a never serious,ba bata go tsenngwa direkere hela!

  2. tipa11 2014/03/24

    Thusii a re mapodise ba batla direkere? Di batliwa ke motho yoo o neng a betsa mosadi a robetse wa legatlapa

  3. Chris M 2014/03/25

    Take this lady to the hospital. She may have had a seizure during sleep. She needs investigations.

  4. tipa11 2014/04/03

    Ke mosimane wa gago mmaetsho

  5. potsane 2014/04/15

    ao batho!gota siama,go itse modimo gore keng go diragetse jaana

  6. ghosts dont exist, police need to do their job

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