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BLOODY EVIDENCE: Mbi's night dress

BLOODY EVIDENCE: Mbi’s night dress

A Francistown woman awoke last week to find that she had been battered to a pulp suffering a cracked jaw and broken nose in a mystery attack.

36-year-old Mbi Mphuchane was fast asleep and did not wake up when an assailant broke into her home and struck, hitting her with what according to medical reports is believed to be a brick.

Despite the severity of the assault the concerned family have complained that police are yet to investigate the incident.

Dismissing the possibility that the attack could have been the work of a thokoloshi, Mphuchane is convinced that the brutal assailant is someone she knows.

“Although I never saw anyone in my room that night I it is evident that the person was targeting me alone since there were other people in the house he never attacked, and nothing was stolen.”

No one heard or witnessed anything until they awoke to find her in a pool of blood.

The mother of three revealed that one window to the family house was found loose and the main door unlocked the following morning.

“There were around eight people in the house but they all remained asleep.

Even my child who I was sharing the same bed with never saw or heard anything,” she said.

Still nursing her injuries Mbi suspects the intruder must have sprayed them with something that made everyone fall into a deep sleep before the attack.

She revealed that a wet towel was found in the house that she believes was used to protect the assailant from the effects of the toxic spray.

Mbi who is maid at the BDF barracks in Francistown’s Area S said initially she thought she could have suffered a stroke until her mother discovered the bruises and injuries on her face.

“All I can remember is dreaming that someone was punching me repeatedly in the face.”

She added that although there was no proof, she strongly believes the father of her last-born child could know what happened to her.

This was because the two were having a dispute at the magistrate’s court regarding maintenance payments.

INJURED: Mbi Mphuchane

INJURED: Mbi Mphuchane

“I suspect the guy because I met him the same day and asked him about maintenance money which he has long failed to pay.”

Mbi expressed her disappointment that although the incident was reported to the police, no investigation had been carried out up to now.

She said that the police promised to follow the suspect but they had never come to her to even inspect the scene of the crime.

“As I am speaking we have not even cleaned the house although we don’t now believe that anyone will be coming to do any investigation,” Mbi said holding the evidence of her blood soaked night dress.

The injured woman’ mum Julia Mphuchane added:

“We reported the attack but no one even came to record a statement.

This is unfair as we are living in fear since we don’t know what the attacker’s next move might be.”

Francistown Police Station Commander Mojaboswa Mathitha said he was not aware of the case.

He however promised that his officers would make a follow up on the matter to see what could have happened.





6 Responses to “WHAT HIT ME?”

  1. thusii 2014/03/24

    ao shems…i think o lucky mme cuz maybe if she woke up the attacker would have killed her.nd the police a never serious,ba bata go tsenngwa direkere hela!

  2. tipa11 2014/03/24

    Thusii a re mapodise ba batla direkere? Di batliwa ke motho yoo o neng a betsa mosadi a robetse wa legatlapa

  3. Chris M 2014/03/25

    Take this lady to the hospital. She may have had a seizure during sleep. She needs investigations.

  4. tipa11 2014/04/03

    Ke mosimane wa gago mmaetsho

  5. potsane 2014/04/15

    ao batho!gota siama,go itse modimo gore keng go diragetse jaana

  6. ghosts dont exist, police need to do their job

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