SHAMED: Modise hiding from the camera

SHAMED: Modise hiding from the camera

Nine years ago she was accused of causing death to her baby by negligence.

This week 32 -year- old Gobona Modise of Sefhare village in the Tswapong area walked free after she was acquitted and discharged by the Francistown High Court.

Modise had allegedly given birth and wrapped her newly born baby in a blanket on May 25 2006 at Sefhare before placing the baby in a navy blue bag that she shoved under the bed and kept it there for three days.

She allegedly gave birth alone while her aunt, who was her guardian at the time was not at home.

Upon her arrival the aunt found Modise lying under a tree in a manner that suggested that she was not feeling well.

According to evidence brought before court, Modise’s aunt then took her niece to Sefhare clinic where she was examined by a certain Dr Salvator Mapunda who observed that the patient had given birth a few days earlier.

When she was interrogated by relatives and police officers, Modise led them to her bedroom and pulled out a navy blue bag with a Dead baby from under the bed.

The charge of manslaughter that the prosecution, led by Dick Moffat preferred against her however failed to stick because the state’s key witness, Dr. Mapunda refused to give evidence in court.

The matter was postponed on several occasions, a development that prompted Modise’s pro-deo attorney Keone Olatotse of Thapelo Attorneys to make an application for a permanent stay arguing that the case had dragged on for nine years without progress.

Francistown High Court Judge Justice Gaopalelwe Ketlogetswe suggested that the prosecution should have preferred a different charge against Modise like concealing birth for example and then went ahead to acquit and discharge Modise sparking celebrations from the woman and her male companion who then covered her face when The Voice photographer pointed the camera in their direction.



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