BPC says no more power cuts by June



Come June, load shedding will be a thing of the past, if what Botswana Power Corporation Chief Executive Jacob Raleru said this week is anything to go by.

Raleru said that the corporation and its service providers are working on a plan to bring the three power units into production by June this year.

“We plan to do this in a staggered fashion, with the units coming into operation at least a month apart.

To address the supply gap while efforts are being made to bring Morupule B into full production, the Corporation is in discussions to conclude power supply agreements with utilities and independent power producers in the region,” he assured.

From October 2013, the country’s power supply portfolio has been reduced to only two units at Morupule B, and the two emergency facilities.

He said the portfolio has been augmented by imports from the region where these have been available.

Raleru said the reduction in the number of units in production at Morupule B was on account of the other two units (Units 2 and 3) having suffered failures to a part of the boiler called a heat exchanger.

He further said following repeated Unit 2 heat exchanger failures, the Corporation directed the contractor to not only repair the immediate damage, but to address the root cause of the boiler failures.

After unsatisfactory attempts by the contractor to do as directed, Raleru said the Corporation summoned the designers and manufacturer of the boiler and heat exchangers to site to get their views on the root cause of the repeated heat exchanger failures.

“The outcome of the interactions with the designers and manufacturer was to, among others; identify discrepancies between the designs of the heat exchangers, and the actual installation on site.

Other modifications were suggested. Starting with Unit 2, the Corporation has insisted that each heat exchanger failure be followed by repairs and modifications as recommended by the designers.

This has been done on Units 2 and 3, and will be done on Unit 4 during its ongoing repairs, with Unit 1 to be done at a later date,” said Raleru.

In all the mix up, Botswana Power Corporation has since resorted to appointing an independent service provider to undertake root cause analysis of the boiler failures as well as other issues such noise levels in the power plants.



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