REMORSEFUL: SRC President Mokotedi

REMORSEFUL: SRC President Mokotedi


Police in Swaziland are investigating a case in which a student from the University of Botswana was raped last weekend at the ongoing intervarsity games. 

Over a hundred students from UB have converged at the University of Swaziland for a week, alongside University of Lesotho students for the annual intervarsity games.

Those close to the victim (names withheld) told this publication that she was raped whilst in a toilet in the university campus, after a night of heavy drinking.

“We were from a drinking spot and she decided to go into the toilets in the school campus. She was heavily drunk.

We soon heard screams from one of the toilets but we never saw the culprits.

We suspect it could be one of the students camping with us here,” said our sources.

The 19 year old student is said to have reported the matter to the Swaziland authorities who are conducting investigations into the matter.

UB Student Representative Council (SRC) president Kago Mokotedi who is also in Swaziland, confirmed the incident to The Voice.

He said the matter was still under investigation.

“I can confirm that a Motswana student was raped here on Saturday night.

The issue is with the Swaziland police and we hope for a conclusive outcome of the investigation before we leave for Botswana,” he said.

He went on to note that there had been a few cases of bad behavior amongst University of Botswana students, but went on to state that all was under control.

Meanwhile, two other UB students were treated for serious head injuries on Tuesday at a hospital in Swaziland after being hit by bottles suspected to have been hurled by University of Lesotho students.

“We also have two other students who are under treatment after being hit by bottles.

We suspect that this was done by students from Lesotho because they had been throwing bottles into the stadium where Batswana students were.

Apparently Basotho students were responding in anger after Batswana sang provocative songs directed at them,” said Mokotedi.




  1. tipa11 2014/03/16

    Intervarsity games go bo go nowa majalwa as heavy as she did.Bana ba Govi o ba bolaisa madi.

  2. smart alec 2014/03/16

    Eish its sad but y sum1 @ 19yrs gets heavily drunk on foreign land?heyish u guys really lo diga botswana seriti or ke gone gore here alcohol drinkin is controlled.m sorry tht u gets raped n hopefully in your demise u didn’t contact aids..

  3. reap what you sow.ga oitse ope ko Swazi nd o nwa byalwa as if fatshe le a fela.

  4. scream after action? this was an appointment ko toileteng hela ke gore moswati yole o ‘teng’ sente dats why a ne a screamer n fake to be raped, heavily drunk lady what more do you expect from her ada than being raped?

  5. Rozah 2014/03/20

    botlakala goo moo how the hell you goin drink like you got no sense in a foreign land

  6. lalah 2014/03/21

    u guys are disappointing us waitse…..

  7. thabsdk 2014/03/21

    like i always say,bomme ga ba itlhokomele,how do u get heavily drunk in a foreign country,not that its ok to b raped,but ladies its high time u respect ur beautiful bodies

  8. ACACIA MACRONATER 2014/03/24

    tiz not fairly ke gore rona ha bata kwano re ba tsaa shapo,bone bare thubetsa…aeee thz is like a loss,rona re tshwara benya tsa ga rona gore di seka tsa ba thubetsa bone ba lesa ba bone aeeee

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