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POWER TO THE PEOPLEThe ongoing power outages have ignited a sense of panic among Batswana and without much certainty about the depressing situation everyone has been left guessing what the future holds.

This week The Voice conducted a survey to get a cross section of opinions on the power situation.

While most of the comments carried strong political overtones on the matter others felt it was a result of corruption and poor work ethics.

Lincoln Mokoena Josefsson: I still don’t understand why a rich country like Botswana could have problems in supplying electricity to two million people?

That Africa has massive solar resources is no secret.

It’s no secret that we have plentiful sunshine, with many parts of the continent enjoying daily solar radiation.

But then it’s no secret, either, that Africa has the world’s lowest electricity access rates, with more than half of our countries experiencing daily and costly power outages.

Our electricity costs are among the highest in the world. And they are rising rapidly

Ponatshego Mercy Othomile: Truth be told guys Batswana don’t have guts to remove the BDP from power.

Julius Malema came up with tough opposition for ANC in a matter of months. Guys we need to change first before everything else.

October everyone will have forgotten about this situation.

Tshepiso Engelinah Setlhare: Batswana, the government had anticipated this problem and came up with Morupule B which was supposed to have been completed three years ago.

Unfortunately the project was delayed due to circumstances beyond the government’s control.

When it was supposed to work, there were some technicalities again. However, we will get there, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Daniel Dast: It is not all about power usage. It’s simply the inefficiency of the provider [BPC] to supply us with electricity.

Our country is failing us in this need. It gave the tender to a company with minimal experience to construct a power plant.

What comes with cheap prices gives cheap quality.

It’s so embarrassing for our country to fail our needs hence they preach maximum deliveries at our work places, or did they forget they have a duty to deliver which also need maximum output from their side.

Velly Best Mpopelang: Our leaders have failed us over the years.

Now things are coming into reality.

It’s so embarrassing to go back to the olden days of no power. Just imagine how it feels for DTC that has just relocated from

London to come and live in these BDP mess. It’s time we get rid of this party.

A lot of things are out of control but no action is being taken.

Nothing has improved over the past years. Children are failing, health sector is poor, hidden corruption and shootings by DIS.

Botswana is an undemocratic nation and we lost vision after Mogae left.

Maxwell Ryan Jacobs: People with cheaper methods should be helped by the government if faced by difficulties on paying electric input country wide, not only in Gaborone.

The problem with our country is that government focuses only on some districts and forgets the others.

After a period of time they come running back shouting “LET US VOTE”. What do I vote for, paraffin stoves?



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