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This is very serious. Have you noticed that marriage has now turned out into something our public figures are taking into consideration?

Just a few weeks ago I told you that Dj Gouveia was to say ‘I do’ to his sweetheart soon.

Vee Mampela also didn’t waste time and proposed. Guess what!

DJ Izzy formerly known as T-Izy is also planning to tie the knot to his sweetheart and apparently they have a bun in the oven.

On the other hand RB2’s DJ Sly is said to be in talks with his girlfriend’s family and soon he will be doing the right thing.

Whatever my boys have done before in dark corners out there,

I am just glad that they have finally chosen the right path. From boys to men.

Congratulations from Shaya are in order my friends.

I salute you for you have done what most senior civil servants have failed to do.

I am next, just watch this space!


Our father who art in heaven.

Amen! I give up. Things that our senior brothers and sisters do in this town can cause a pig to puke I tell you.

Do you remember that brother of ours who is into sports and practices as a womanizer at the same time?

For those who are confused I am talking about that senior guy in the football circles.

Even after getting hitched to one of the beautiful ladies in town the brother seems to be very far from ending his philandering acts.

Well known for spreading children all over Gaborone, he seems to be competing or just wants to break the world record as the man with most children in Botswana.

He was apparently spotted at a drinking spot in Gaborone over the weekend around Phase 4 bonking a ‘le14’ in his car.

Who still has sex inside a car when there are lots of lodges around this city?

It’s a shame and when I heard this. I puked.


Do you all know that foul mouthed brother from TV?

The one who tied the knot to his sweetheart not so long ago.

Those who watch BTV already know who I am talking about.

With just a few months and fresh from saying ‘I do’ he is at it, shaya has been reliably informed.

The tall guy is said to be all over with Gaborone mistresses and have even forgotten the new wife.

Those in the know say he is always spotted in one the flats in Gaborone where young girls from one of the universities reside.

Apparently he has been seeing one of the girls who appeared on The Voice’s page 3 a few weeks ago and things nearly turned ugly last week when the young lady threatened to reveal the secret to his new wife.

He is said to have threatened the young lady who was demanding that he pay rent for the flat.

Now I know why our brother vents so much anger when appearing on TV.

He is simply frustrated and needs counselling ASAP. Why marry when you know that you are still all about that life of sowing wild oats.


Who would have ever thought that Ozi F-Teddy and Sasa Klass’s relationship will not last?

I remember wishing them all the best here just six weeks ago.

Shaya can confirm that the two broke up last week.

Ozi has since told yours truly that things were not working and they had to take a break but being smart as I am I managed to pick info that a clash of egos led to the breakup.

Apparently the two were fighting for stardom (lol).

They wanted to be Botswana’s Beyonce and Jay-Z but the difference is that Jigga and Beyonce are so loaded and equally talented that they dont have to fight for spotlight.

Don’t worry Ozi and Sasa, you are both still young so you will find perfect partners.

I would suggest that instead of looking for parners in the same industry you are in, Sasa should try a gossiper like me because I wouldn’t fight for cover pages with you and I wouldn’t call your music ‘trash’ either her ex did recently.





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