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  1. mmaphedulaa 2014/03/10

    shames mathomola pelo ele ruri… daddy wa maun wa bo a dubile tsatsijeno….

  2. cheerful 2014/03/10

    Just another fake prophet trying to make fast money someone should carry out an audit of finances

  3. lololo 2014/03/10

    Eish Olerato oa itshotla ruri. Amme kwaa matsalaago oa go itse tota? A tota lebo matsale oa ba itse? Is your husband a local or foreigner? O kgonne go dira tse a neng a batla go di dira because of that marriage certificate. Are you in a dream? Please wake up.

  4. ACACIA MACRONATER 2014/03/10

    ahhh wa bona hela jaanong…..tiz gonna take me another year gore kere ke tsena kereke…baruti goriamo ba na le one a?modimo wa tshwaro!!!!! ahhhhh gape moruti wa teng wa bona gore ke laitinyana,one a bata gore jela meneelo ka bonana….goja meneelo z sumthn that takes a man with a heart…’BONA HELA DITIRO TSA GAGWE JAANONG” O ATAHETSE MORUTI KEO LE LONA LA MMONA LE LONA RE RENG? SHOULD WE CONTINUE TO FIRE!!!!!! HAHAHAHA NNYAA THEBANNA

  5. cheerful 2014/03/10

    “Our Audi Q7 just disappeared and a Mercedes Benz E500 appeared without an explanation and I was expected to shut up and be a good wife,” Olerato fumed.”

  6. bluesky 2014/03/11

    Olerato o gollesegile motho wa batho,yo monna o ne a go tlwaela maswe,u r still young o tla bona a gud man bt hei dn go 4 a pastor again,ba malatsi a ke fakes.

  7. manguba 2014/03/11

    Ao shems… feeling sorry for you Olerato. This is indeed a wolf not a man of God. I suspect he was born outside the boarders of Botswana and he used you to gain citizenship. May God curse him

  8. xhwachaa 2014/03/11

    Gatwe on top of the mountain still failed..

  9. Chris M 2014/03/11

    Where does the pastor work? At the church? Robbery, then being a tramp! How gullible are our people to take little they have and give it to these scam masters? When will people realize that God never asked for any of this fashionable form of worship that puts material things and wealth ahead of everything else? This is how the devil tempted Jesus from what we learned at school, using material things and earthly riches to get him to commit sin!

  10. Chris M 2014/03/11

    He claims to have powers and wants to tell us he got marriage wrong? What a liar! If God truly exists, these thieves will have a lot to answer for and those falling for them will have no excuses! What a sick shame!

  11. Miss -O 2014/03/12

    No matter what pple say against the Man of God, He is a true Man of God, Its just a shame for the wife to spread lies! God shall punish you! never do this to a Man of God,all Batswana pointing and labelling the Man of God, yu ll rot and burn in Hell, Elias is a tru servant of God!

  12. thabsdk 2014/03/12

    Miss-O,i suppose u r his SISTER….

  13. cheerful 2014/03/12

    Olerato seems to want to save her marriage but the husband is doing just totally the opposite despite having a child with her
    “I have prayed long and hard, even on top of a mountain and come to the conclusion that she was the wrong woman for me.” Which mountain top did he pray on????
    The so called sisters are doing all the chores that Olerato should be doing as it is her husband dont the sisters have their own homes where they can live???? VERY VERY STRANGE SET UP

  14. Chris M 2014/03/13

    He is praying hard to the devil who says go on and divorce your wife! There is nothing here to be divorcing about if you’re a true man of God! No woman would come to your house without your wife’s knowledge and approval! You are this together! A true man of God should know what marriage is all about and how to keep it strong. This is your typical player! Not pastor! Aren’t pastors reconciling couples whose marriages are faltering? Come off it!

  15. dicks dee 2014/03/13

    A Lion on a sheep, skin not a prophet.Olerato u are a victim if ur husband is a motswakwa.o ne a go dirisa go tsaya boagedi not being a wife,but GOD will punish the wrong.

  16. Mo k mathata

  17. ah ah!

  18. sebui 2014/03/17

    Hahahahhahaha,tsena Miss-O!!nnyaa o ‘sister’ ya ga ‘prophet’ tota jaaka thabdsk a bua!o ka nna bitter mme mong wa kgang ene a sa itatole??wena hw u wud u fil if o ka hithela banyana ko ntlong ya monna wa gago?tlogelang go dumela mo baruting le dumele mo Modimong,why a thala if he is a true man of God??Divorce ke ya ga satane nt Modimo
    Oh and guys,moruti yo gatwe ke motswana he was a nurse before he came prophet,chek his story in the Voice-From nurse to flambouyant’.
    O a ithusa Olerato,tlogela Gynaecologist eo e treate bo sister hela wena o tla iponela monnatia eseng maswe ao,wena moruti continue with ur prayers le bo sister Miss-O

  19. dazz 2014/03/19

    O bone koo Miss-O e seka ya nna wena burning in hell le morutinyana wa gago wa seaka le bo ‘sister’ botlhe ba ba involved. Go monate gompieno ka lo dira ngwana yo mongwe bosula, mme I can assure you, this kind of pastors ga ba kgotsofale. Ga a kake a lo nyala, even if he does, he’s just going to play you just like he did Olerato.

  20. Rozah 2014/03/20

    hehe tseena touch not the annointed of God,wa be a kopantse kereke yotlhe ha o bona a riana dikerekenyana tse di eteletsweng pele ke bashiana tse tsa fire ke moleko and a half,

  21. Lady-g missy-g 2014/03/20

    I dnt thnk thr z aniwhr in the bible whr God allows divorce,pastor whch god ar u prayin to who says u must go on nd divorce ur wyf?

  22. lalah 2014/03/21

    jooh. bo man of GOD…

  23. salim ahmed 2014/03/24

    maybe we should luke at scriptures, divorce is not allowed in the bible unless in the case of adultery,if the pastor has caught his wife in adultery then he can divorce but if he did not then he must not,if he goes on and divorce the bible says he can not marry again if he does he is also committing adultery together with the woman he marries.

  24. carto 2014/03/24

    Eish! prophet ke player. Sorry gal, le wena tlogela baruti ba ma`14 hle mma.

  25. balogun 2014/04/07

    There is different between an anointed man of God and an anointed player. Jesus said in Matthew that not everyone who says Lord Lord shall enter the kingdom of God, they will come to me and say haven’t we casted out demons in your name, haven’t we prophesied in your name, and i Jesus will say unto them i never knew you go away from me you evil doers. Live for Christ and pursue Holiness and all things shall be well with you.

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