Boity Thulo & Teenage girls

Boity Thulo & Teenage girls

This past weekend saw Rail Park Mall abuzz with activity as SKY, a new movement for teen girls was launched in Gaborone.

The event, which saw celebrities Boity Thulo of Rockville fame, Zeus and Samantha Mogwe engage and interact with the girls as well as perform live on stage, was a resounding success with well over a thousand teenage girls in attendance.

The launch is viewed as the biggest single teen focused event ever in Botswana, with an unprecedented number of teen girls in attendance.

SKY is a movement that inspires teen girls to be true to themselves through the choices they make regarding things they like and are sure about (Sure KaYona), and also things that they don’t like and are good without (ShapoKaYona), thus the acronym SKY.

One of the girls who signed up for the movement was 14 year old Masego Kebaake who said, “My friends and I were all very excited about the event, and I took the SKY pledge because I wanted to be a member of SKY and take part in the SKY activities. I pledged that “ke sure ka my friends, R&B and Hip Hop and my style of fashion, and ke shapo ka bad friends, smoking and being bullied”, and I plan to stay true to myself and have a bright future.’ she said.

Speaking after the successful launch; one of the SKY organisers Thandi Tumelo said she was happy with the number of teenage girls who turned up for the launch.

“The teen girls really came out and were a huge part of the birth of their movement making it the biggest teen event Gaborone has ever seen.

More importantly though, we had over a thousand girls take pledges to be a part of the movement,” said one of the SKY organisers, Thandi Tumelo.

SKY will roll out across the country, with a launch scheduled for Francistown in March.

The teen girls interact through four platforms, being a magazine, a radio show, facebook and twitter.

The SKY magazine, starting with the current issue which was unveiled during the launch, will be available for free through various platforms across Botswana.



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