The introduction of new coins has been received with mixed feelings in Francistown as business people and customers struggle to get used to it.

The Voice took to the streets of the second city to hear what people have to say about their change.

Thatayaone Tetty: “The new coins are just too fancy for my liking.

Truly speaking I feel that our old coins were just fine unlike these ones which have a lot of unnecessary decorations especially the P1 and P2.

How much did they cost to print anyhow? Do we even have the money to lavish on fancy money and for what?

Changing money is also confusing because people take time to get used to the currency.”



Alice Dube: “I don’t like the money at all because its confusing and I dont see the need to change the old coins.

I mean if they say its for security reasons, who in their right mind is going to fake coins?

I feel that these new coins are too big and confusing apart from the P5.

They will burn holes in our pockets.The P1 is just too big and light compared to the old one.

To me all the other coins just look like foreign currency which is big for nothing.

I have also seen a lot of people getting confused after getting their change from shops.

What I am also certain about is that people are going to be cheated out of their change for a while. I don’t think the money should have been changed at all.”



Rival Khulumani: “I think the coins are just okay and I like them, mostly the 5t and P1which has some nice decoration behind the Zebra.

People should stop complaining about the new coins and just learn to accept them since it is not the first time having our currency changed.

People should allow change since we are living in a changing environment; moreover what counts is the value not the colour or the weight.

I have since collected all the new coins and I am showing them to my old folks so that they are not cheated, but otherwise I love our new money,”.

Naomi Maenzanisi: “This money is just fine but the weight and look is confusing.

As a street vendor I am afraid we are going to loose a lot of profit until we get used to the new money because the change came without a warning.

The old money to me was okay but since we can’t stop the government from doing it’s will we are going to lose until things get to normal.

What I can advice young people is that there should teach their parents and children about the new money to avoid being cheated.

I know some people out there are going to target the old people and us street vendors to make a killing out of these coins.”




  1. tipa11 2014/03/08

    How much did it cost the Bank Of Bots to print and change the coins? That’s misuse of money

  2. mmaphedulaa 2014/03/08

    nna madi a ga ke a thwaele gothelel ytse…. ke ipotsa hela gor ga twe mathata a the old coins e ne e le eng?

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