FRESH START: Civil servants registering their names

FRESH START: Civil servants registering their names

Public service came to a standstill last week after the Francistown city council ordered its entire staff to re-register their names, apparently to flush out ghost employees.

The fresh registration order was enacted shortly after the arrival of the new Town clerk, Leboele Israel who joined the council sometime last year.

Council employees are convinced that the new City Clerk suspects that some names featuring in the council staff pay roll might be fake or belonging to dead people hence the call for proper investigation.

On Monday all employees of the city council thronged the Francistown Civic centre armed with copies of their Omang cards to prove that they actually existed.

“We were told to bring our certified copies of Omang to re-register in person and the rumour was that the exercise was meant to flush out ghost employees within the city council.

Everyone was ordered to have re-registered by the end of Monday last week,” said one of the employees.

While there is still uncertainty among the employees over the registration exercise, most believe that it was a positive move as it is widely believed that the city council payroll was fraudulent.

It is suspected that the pay list has names of people who have long left the council or died.

“We have long suspect that something fishy was happening within the council and it is our belief that the whole exercise would help catch the culprits swindling the council using bogus names,” another council employee said excitedly.

Meanwhile the town clerk Lebuile Israel said the order was a risk management issue.

He said necessary steps would be taken against any form of fraud that the council would establish.

Israel also said the council was currently employing at least 1030 employees with an average monthly payroll of P5 397 118.80.

He also said the turn up had been good and that the majority of employees had came forth to re-register.




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