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Do you still remember that TV producer I once told you about.

I mean the one who is cheating on his wife with a receptionist?

Yes! You got it right, the dread locked man who is behind a popular music show that airs on Botswana Television. He is at it again.

The man from the north who bought the receptionist a car simillar to his wife’s is said to be head over heels and deeply in love with the girl who is in her early twenties.

Those close to the cheaters say the brother has even engaged the young lady despite the fact that he has not divorced his wife of over ten years.

The two, shaya has been told recently went out to seal their secret bond abroad.

Dear wife to the producer, this le14 is here to eliminate you and she is not going to stop messing your stuff anytime soon and oh, we almost forgot to mention that they have a baby together too.


Yours truly was in Maun over the weekend just to relax far from the hustle nd bustle of this metropolis popularly known as GC.

I have always heard that people in that tourism town are friendly with a lot of cash to splash so I just wanted to experience that hospitality.

But t turns out I might have been misled if what I saw is anything to go by.

Many people in that town drank like there was no tomorrow my brother.

I liked the fact that night club hours seemed flexible for the revelers and some, like the man pictured above felt too comfortable and decided to perhaps catch a nap but enede up falling into deep sleep.

Next time dilute that alcohol with water my friend.

I hope your friends told you that four security guards had to lift you out of the club like a casket.


I think most young people are now civilized and have outgrown civilization.

They say we mostly copy what people in the Western countries do but if that’s the case then we are doing extra copying.

This couple was snapped by yours truly in Maun recently and yes they didn’t care who was looking as they hugged, kissed and even rode each other in public.

They seemed dizzy from whatever they could have eaten or rather smoked but I would like to advise them to seek the nearest lodge or bed rest somewhere next time when they feel like being ‘sexy.’

There you have it dear couple. You are now famous.


Wherever you are reading this newspaper from please put it down and clap hands for Lieutenant General Vee Mampeezy.

He deserves the title now because he has finally heard my call for him to tie the knot. Shaya has reliably been informed that wedding cards are in order and the pint sized father of one will say I do to his beautiful girlfriend Kagiso in just few weeks time.

Unfortunately for you haters it will be a secret wedding which will be only attended by Shaya and other few honorable people in town.

Big up Vee. Hello Duma Boko, how far?


Whenever Shaya tells you to beware of local promoters you just ignore me and treat me like a fool.

I have written about shows that were supposed to be and never saw the light of day.

I have even listed some of the liars from the music circles but what shocks me most is that Batswana still fall for these crooks.

When I heard that the jazz show which was supposed to take place over the weekend didnt happened I just wanted to say” I saw it coming”

Those who bought tickets at the price of a Nissan March were apparently told that the show has been postponed because of the rain. Come on people.

I was sitting outside my house the whole day and it only drizzled for a few minutes and there was never a time when the rain fell hard enough to stop an event.

Those close to the organizers say the show had to be called off at the last minute because the organizers had failed to pay some of the big name artists who were expected to appear.

The temptation would be to say, sorry but that serves those who bought the tickets right for being gullible and stubborn.

But instead Shaya being the empathetic fellow will only say better luck next time!



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