PuzzleMarch is the Month of Youth Against AIDS.

BOSASNet challenges you to test your knowledge of Substances, HIV & AIDS, and Youth with our exciting crossword puzzle below. (Answers will be shared on the next issue of The Voice)


1. Causes loss of memory of events due to excessive drug use.

4. _ _ _ are contracted through unprotected sex.

5. Not adults.

8. National AIDS Coordinating Agency.

9. Taking medication as prescribed.

10. One of the ways that HIV is passed from one person to the other.

11. Drinking a lot of alcohol within a short period of time.

13. An intoxicating liquid substance.

15. Shame or disgrace associated with a particular circumstance.

17. A relationship that involves the exchange of money and gifts for intercourse.

18. Taking alcoholwhen you are on ARVs mostly affects this organ of the body.

19. Appears 3 times on this year’s theme for the Month of Youth Against AIDS.


1. Where you can get substance abuse counselling.

2. Substance use that poses direct risk of HIV infection.

3. _ _ _ is better than cure.

6. A place to test for HIV.

12. Forcing someone you know to have sex with you during a social engagement.

14. Month of Youth Against AIDS.

16. Being free of substances

If you need help for substance abuse or related issues, call BOSASNet on 395 9119, 72659891(sms). Find us on facebook or check out our website www.bosasnet.com




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