Private sector tackles HIV/AIDS

Private sector tackles HIV/AIDS

Inter generational sex which involves older and young age contribute to high rate of HIV status.

This was revealed during Botswana Coalition on AIDS (BBCA) HIV/AIDS private sector partnership forum recently in Francistown.

The workshop was also meant to update companies on preliminary results of Botswana AIDS Impact Survey.

Private companies were also given platform to debate, exchange information and experiences on HIV/AIDS workplace practices.

Speaking at the event Frank Phatshwane of BBCA said it is important for private sector to be part of national level statistics.

He said companies should have a policy in place on how to network with other stakeholders in HIV/AIDS related issues and wellness in general.

“Feedback is very vital because it makes it easy for the government to allocate resources guided by evidence. When information shows the burden is in Francistown we will also know who the most affected age group is. Statistics shows young population is in danger because of inter generational sex and this is killing our workforce. Productivity and health goes together and if an employee is not well then there will be absenteeism,” said Phatshwane

Addressing attendants on relationship between gender and HIV/AIDS Matshediso Thathana said gender identity determines how people perceive themselves.

She said gay people are at risk of getting HIV because the virus is transmitted through unprotected anal sex.

“For women and girls poverty may increase vulnerability to HIV and force them to exchange unprotected sex for food, money or any other basic needs.

In many societies rape in marriage is not recognized as a criminal offence.

Peer pressure can also play a role in some settings influencing young boys and girls to engage in unprotected sex with multiple partners,” said Thathana

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