EXCITED: Presenters Karabo and Atamelang

EXCITED: Presenters Kaelo Seelo and

Botswana television’s popular music show Mokaragana was given a new lease of life courtesy of Brand Botswana.

Brand Botswana has signed a renewable one year contract at the tune of P543 000. Mokaragana has been airing without a sponsor for quite some time, and the quality of the show came under scrutiny from viewers who felt they were being given a raw deal by the national broadcaster.

Speaking at a press conference to announce the brand’s partnership with the music show, Brand Botswana Director (National Portfolio) Gaorekwe Gaorekwe said the issue of quality always comes up at the mention of the show.

However the Acting Chief Executive Officer Letsebe Sejoe said with the new look programme the issue of quality will be addressed. “We realized that at its conception Mokaragana was meant to give a platform to all local artists who have never performed in front of an audience, that was the first flaw,” observed Sejoe.

He further said they intend to make the new programme something viewers would be proud of, “A show that will represent what Brand Botswana stands for,” he said.

“This show is also viewed in foreign countries, and we will have an input in what is being aired to ensure we get the quality we desire. Artists will be selected purely on talent not just for being local,” said Sejoe.

Meanwhile popular Disk Jockey and former My Star judge Sidney Baitsile advised Brand Botswana and Mokaragana producers to take the issue of quality seriously. “In my opinion the show has been killing the music industry.

The belief out there is that local music is terrible because you are showing the nation bad artists,” lamented Baitsile.



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