HAPPY TIMES: Ryqual Chikwira and Rosemary

HAPPY TIMES: Ryqual Chikwira and Rosemary

The reigning Miss Botswana’s ex boyfriend has hit out at the rules governing the beauty pageant for robbing him of the joys of fatherhood.

In a dramatic revelation Ryqual Chikwira, 26, who dated Miss Botswana, Rosemary Keofitlhetse for two years, claims the ‘oppressive and discriminatory’ rules pushed the current queen to abort their baby for the crown.

Just weeks before hopeful contestants line up to compete for this year’s crown, the ex boyfriend to the current title-holder has strongly condemned regulations governing the Miss Botswana contest.

Ryqual Chikwira hit out at the rule that contestants should ‘never have given birth to a child and not be pregnant,’ claiming that the entry condition resulted in his 20-year-old former girlfriend aborting their baby when two months pregnant.

A staunch anti abortion campaigner, Chikwira pulls no punches when he talks about the stringent requirements for women to enter Miss Botswana, which form part of the rules governing entry to Miss World.

Speaking in an interview he said he hoped that his decision to speak out would not only help him find closure to an incident that he said plunged him into deep depression, but would also raise awareness on beauty pageants and their negative effects on women.

TRAUMASISED: Ryqual Chikwira

TRAUMASISED: Ryqual Chikwira

“If Miss Botswana is indeed a celebration of women’s femininity, why aren’t women with children allowed to compete for the crown?

“I find it extremely hypocritical that Rosemary, after aborting her own child is often paraded around the country as a model of perfect womanhood giving speeches on how much she loves children.

In fact every time I hear her talk about her love for children, I cringe and wonder in what way that could be empowering for her as the organisers of Miss Botswana claim,” he said.

RyqualTalking about his loss Chikwira, a property consultant went on to say: “I know some would say she was only a blob of blood or whatever, but she was my baby.

I had named her Scarlet Rose and up to now I know she lives in heaven and looks down on us.

I know she has forgiven the mom too and I think she actually looks down on her and thinks: “ Why mom? I would have given you smiles and more joy than this crown could ever give you.”

Narrating the events that led to the decision to terminate the pregnancy, Chikwara tells of how the queen fell pregnant six months before the pageant.

“It was an unplanned baby but I promised to stand by her side and support the child.

“I begged her not to do it and even pledged to put P100 00 on the table to assure her that financially the baby would be provided for, but she wouldn’t budge.



“We argued about it but winning that crown was all she could think about.”

Chikwara explained how one of Rosemary’s friends even called him to try and convince him to support the plan to terminate the pregnancy.

“There was no way in hell I was going to do that. Eventually she crossed to SA without my knowledge, did it and brought me a receipt as proof. I was gutted.”

Meanwhile Keofitlhetse responded with shock and horror, denying the damaging allegations.

When contacted for a comment she at first thought the allegation was a rumour spread by the Miss Botswana organisers to discredit her so that they could find a way to avoid giving her the promised prize of a luxury car.

But when told her ex-boyfriend had made the claims, she said: “Yes, Ryqual was my boyfriend but he is a psycho.

I never killed his baby. We broke up in 2012 and I was never pregnant with his baby or anybody’s baby for that matter.”

When told that Ryqual had kept e-mails, facebook messages, a receipt from Mariestopes abortion clinic in Johannesburg, and even used pregnancy test sticks as proof of his claims, she said: “That guy is a computer expert.

He created fake facebook accounts in my name and hacked into my email inbox to generate fake message in order to tarnish my name.”

Contacted for a comment one of the Botswana Council of Women Executives, the licence holders for Miss Botswana, Dorcas Molefhe promised to reply.

However after claiming to have been in a meeting for two days, and nights, she is yet to respond.


The pageant entry requirements included the following:

  • The contestant must be a citizen of Botswana with a valid Identity Card (Omang) or Passport.
  • Should be at least 18 years old and not older than 25 years. 25 turned this year.
  • Not be married and never had a marriage annulled.
  • Not be Engaged
  • Never have given birth and not be pregnant.
  • Not have visible tattoos.
  • Have no criminal record
  • Minimum Height Requirements: 1.7 meters

Audition Fee: P 250.00




  1. tipa11 2014/02/24

    May be the man is bitter and he wants to tarnish the image of that lady. But things do happen.Only the two of them know excactly what happened.

  2. CUDDLESOME 2014/02/24

    Mosimane yo o maaka waitse!!!

  3. pretty 2014/02/24

    ijoo,a legogorwane batho,the word exboyfriend says it all.he is bitter,ba ke ba ba salang motho morago banna ba re mmagwe ngwanake ga a ntheetse asa mo nyala,who the hell is Ryquel.o ntse ale kae nako tse tsotlhe.

  4. sebui 2014/02/24

    Aaa,ao bathong tlhe utlwang maaka!!mo ke maaka a matalatala,aa mo mpepeneng!o ne o ntse o didimaletseng nako e yotlhe ha ele gore o ne o rata Scarlet Rose month go kalo??
    Wayaka o bona o thadilwe o batla go tshasa yo mongwe machila,o bitter mo!!ha ele sengwe le ne le dumalane,100 000 yoo e ne e le ene wa go ntsha mpa,tswa ha tlhe!
    O ne o solohetse to be paraded around as mogatsa Miss Botswana,nw that dat ddnt hapen o bua dilo tse,o rata atention mo mosimane ke wena!!
    Mme gone o tsaya kae 100 000 ne rra,nna o re ngathele bana ba rona ba a sotlega

  5. msmotswaledi 2014/02/25

    its possible

  6. carto 2014/02/26

    Shuuuu! The boy is stressed out hle ba2n.Rraagwe Scarlet Rose neh!

  7. Tsotsi Wee 2014/02/26

    the only way to get th truth is if th ‘queen’ sues the ‘psycho’.she gonna bite on tht? Nt in a million yrs! she’s too smart fr tht. the only wrkable strategy is to engage the psycho indirectly.Y? statements lik he hacked into my email… cant stand in court

  8. Anithin is possible..i knw hw girls mind works..nd the guy i think hes telin the truth..bt u all no dat the truth hurts..gals are tricky

  9. mally 2014/02/27

    Ryqual is jealous. It is evident that he was dumped by the Queen. Even if the Queen did abort, that does not give him right to talk about her like that. He seems determined to bring her down that is his mission. I have strong conviction that the queen did it to remain compliant to rules and agree with Ryqual 100% that abortion is wrong and it should be vehemently condemned. However to blow his own trumpet, and portraying to be Mr right is very wrong. He should have quitted, and prayed for her. May she made things right with God and Ryqual is still holding on the judgment. You caused the queen emotional embarrassment.

  10. Pamogateli 2014/02/27

    I’m intrested in what the Queen had done in the past, so i don’t see the need to chronicle her past online. All that matters is what she can do for us now and later.. So Ryqual boo hooo…

  11. Pamogateli 2014/02/27

    I’m not intrested in what the Queen had done in the past, so i don’t see the need to chronicle her past online. All that matters is what she can do for us now and later.. So Ryqual boo hooo…

  12. mally 2014/02/27

    Thats is exactly the point Pamogateli.

  13. edward 2014/02/27

    hahahaha this just insane…Give the Queen a break Ryqual . let it go u cant win

  14. ke mokgwa wa motho a thubilwe ke zolo o bua matlaka ka Queen shee le gone o baya clipanyana mo table ke madi a airtime ntho eo…..o teng ngwana yo ka mo otlang ka thebe eo….o bitter papi

  15. ARE HE IS A COMPUTER EXPERT.hehehehe.ke mathata.hardy brazen onli GOD kn judge us.

  16. cheerful 2014/02/28

    This is part of the interview between the Voice and the person in May 2013:-
    Q. One of the requirements for Miss Botswana is that one shouldn’t be dating.

    Did you dump your boyfriend or you ignored the requirement?

    I wouldn’t say I was single before Miss Botswana but I just communicated with my ex-boyfriend and told him that I want to concentrate on Miss Botswana so we had to part.

    He understands and he let me be.”


  17. 1977 2014/02/28

    Well, the truth is known only by them. So, dont say the guy is wrong, may be it isnt coz of bitterness or whatever. learn not to judge and make false and unfounded conclusions. Go re o ntse a le kae isnt an issue, the issue is she aborted for the crown.

  18. cheerful 2014/03/01

    Ryqual is 26 someone should be telling him to put his chin up and that the world is his oyster do something with his life after this issue persue his goals in life, his careeer, travel and probably over the rainbow you will find a damsel in distress that you will sweep her off her feet and be the one for you BEAUTY IS IN THE HEART!

    No comments from the Minister of Beauty pagaents!! a friend told me a story of how a feminist organisation once invaded the international beauty pagaent and labelled the pagaent a cattle market!

    why not find other safer methods of contraceptation than abortion????????

  19. cheerful 2014/03/01

    and if Ryqual was let down someone should advise him not to MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE AGAIN

  20. Rozah 2014/03/03

    the brother is wounded but like sirasly that not the way to go about revenge hardy papa o tla ba strong

  21. Aty. 2014/03/04

    HEHEH somebody is bitter

  22. ornament 2014/03/05

    wena o bitter ntate ga gona gore reka go thusa ka eng.

  23. Diphirikeeng 2014/03/06

    this guy o bua nnete. gakere o tshotse di reciepts and all proof. well if you are confronted by two balanced courses of action, you choose the bolder. Otsere crown o latlhile nnana. life goes on.

  24. the queen o ganetsa hela ka molomo are ke maaka mare Ryqual ene o ntsha bosupi ja di msg and receipts, go maaka ngwanyana o bolaetse Ryqual ngwana a bata koloi, moloi….

  25. Donato Akay Mogopa 2014/07/07

    bring da prove tseo broer

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