Tattoo inspiration

Tattoo inspiration

The tattooing business, seems to be a lcrative business, especially in Gaborone, where nowadays almost every second person on the street has one.

Samara Lubbe, 23, owns and runs residential tattoo parlour, called Skin Deep in Gaborone’s Village suburbs.

Samarra stares into a crystal ball when she explains her business concept with high confidence.“I use mainly word of mouth and social networks to help advertise my tattoo parlour, which has been in operation since 2010 but has been grown in leaps and bounds since the project got implemented.”

Lubbe said:  “I mainly deal with various youthful customers, from working class to students.

But different kinds of people prefer different kind of designs, and my minimum charging price starts at P350,” she says and adds that she has once even done an enourmous tattoo that she charged up to P4000.

Although she has spent most of her life living in Botswana, Lubbe holds an Arts diploma from London and, as part of her final assessment, she had to tattoo five people and her volunteers and teachers were impressed by her unique talent of fine artistry.

She has even gone on to attend further studies in Toronto and suggests that she may leave to gain more experience in Europe.

Lubbe takes her business very seriously which is why she cuts out local dealers and gets her supplies from the more established South African market.

TALENTED :Lubbe at work

TALENTED :Lubbe at work

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