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Some ambitious music and dance promoters in Francistown looking forward to initiate and establish a Pantsula dance competition in the country.

Pantsula dance moves are popularly known to be followed by those in the cities and locations where deliquesces are common such as Peleng in Lobatse.

Despite the dance and music related to Pantsula jive is associated with criminality, the organizers are not bothered.

One of the organizers said the idea is to promote the music that proved to be difficult to destroy.

A walk past a bar or a beer hall will give an insight that the Pantsula dance will not disappear anytime soon, he said.

He added that the music does not fade that is why people are still clinging to the Matshikos and Danny Tshanda’s music in this day and age.

Registration is currently ongoing and the competition date is yet to be set for mapantsula to compete.


Jeffrey Atkins, better known by his stage name Ja Rule is expected to rock the Ghetto at the end of this month.

38-year-old Ja Rule, who is expected to rock the country’s capital Gaborone in April this year, has been publicized as destined to perform at the Francistown’s ultimate hangout joint, Lizard Entertainment.

Dubbed Ja Rule Party, the event is expected to be a show not to miss as celebrated disc jockeys such as DJ Colastraw (Sidney Nzala) will be one the ones and twos.

In Francistown, people cannot help it but have to gaze at posters all around the city advertising the Ja Rule show to be staged on February 28.

Over the past few years international artists from the United States of America (USA) have made appearances within Botswana’s borders starting with Eve.

Last year saw the likes of celebrated Joe Thomas and immaculate Brandy Norwood gracing the lovely sands of Botswana with the help of course of Botswana’s biggest beverage company, Kgalagadi Breweries Limited (KBL).


 Tertiary students in Francistown have been given a leeway to have relationships but be faithful to each other.

Last Friday night, student couples drawn from the tertiary schools dotted around the country’s second largest city took turns to strut their stuff at the Francistown civic centre where the best couple was picked.

The couple was named Mr. and Miss Faithfulness. And the winning couple of Dominic Keatswitswe and Philliciah Keboetetse are expected to urge their peers to be faithful to their partners.

Organizer of the show, Oteng Kebitseope  the Francistown College of Education (FCE) Campus Health Coordinator for the Tertiary Institutions’ HIV/AIDS Prevention and Health Programme said the idea is to reduce cases of multiple concurrent partnerships among tertiary students.

She said the event will be an annual one in order to be always reminding students about the dangers of having many sexual partners.


Ghetto Artists Organization is expected to start their workshops on water conservation in the northeastern part of the country early next month.

Ghetto Artists Managing Director Katlego Mononyane told a stakeholders workshop last Wednesday that her organization will start implementing the workshops early March.

Mononyane was addressing community leaders in the northeastern part of the country at Stop Over Motel at Tshesebe.

She said the project aims at increasing knowledge and awareness among youth on the significance of safe water in Botswana and targets young people aged 10 and above at eight schools.

The project is entitled Water Conservation Every Drop counts.’     




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    wow…this is great—international faces are setting the trend ya go tla to this country—me like!!

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