A 24-year old man who was arrested and detained for an armed robbery that took place at Commerce Park Engen filling station was shot dead this morning after he and four others escaped from their holding cell at old Naledi Police station.

According to Police spokesperson Christopher Mbulawa, the robbery suspect whose names have been withheld until the next of kin are notified, had attacked a police officer.

“When confronted by officers who were on duty, the deceased then charged and tore one of the officers’ shirt with a sharp object and it was then that he was fatally wounded,” he said in a press statement.

Mbulawa further stated that the deceased had been detained with six others and that he was one of the five who had escaped.

The other four are said to be still at large. “The deceased had been out on bail for two murder and three robbery cases when he was arrested and detained for allegedly being involved in the Commerce Park filling station robbery,” he added.

Mbulawa has urged members of the public to be cautious as the four wanted men are dangerous.

He urged anyone with information that may lead to the arrest of the suspects to contact the nearest police station.




  1. Good work by police officers…

  2. Kanakatse 2014/02/20

    serious action must be taken on those people.its really a shame

  3. DJANGO CROSS 2014/02/21

    people should be shown that crime doesn’t pay. good job

  4. Tebbi 2014/02/22

    yah!!! its gud if they are shoted,dilo tse di batla gone go fulwa fela tse le gone he is very lucky because he is late.he was suppose to sufer first with serious injiries.bone ne bare re ja monate go tlhola re kobakobilwe ke batho ba re amoga dithoto tsa rona.bleksem.good work officer

  5. LETLHOGILE 2014/02/24

    ah!!ke gore motho o na le serious cases 2 murders n 3 armed robberies mme o fiwa bail,why? mo ke go tsenya matshelo a batho mo diphatseng fela….well done
    this thieves are unneccesary package in our journey to 2016 so we hav to eliminate them,else we going to fail. magotswana a zola a batla dithobolo fela bao..mxm
    mapodisi a thola a setse bananyana morago fela

  6. CUDDLESOME 2014/02/24

    Well done Police!!!

  7. edward 2014/02/27

    we are free to makes our own choices but we are not free to choose our consequences

  8. Zola.MOTOGO

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