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Amos Jahana

Amos Jahana

Jwaneng mayor dumps BNF for BDP By Voice Reporter Jwaneng Town Mayor Amos Jahana today had his resignation from Botswana National Front (BNF) written and ready to be tendered in tomorrow (Wednesday.)

He is set to join the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) as an ordinary member.

He told The Voice at his residence in Jwaneng Monday evening that he decided to resign from the BNF because the party abused him.

“ I spent a lot of my family resources in this party and the next thing the administration wing of the party connive to frustrate me,”said the disgruntled mayor.

His decision to jump ship however comes after he lost the party’s primary elections in Jwaneng-Mabutsane constituency.

He said his main reason for joining the BDP was to avenge the ill-treatment he got from the BNF. Explaining why he would like to be n the BDP campaign team after steping down from his mayoral position he said: “I want to make sure the BNF is finished in Jwaneng.

I am not leaving alone, I have other like minded comrades who believe that I should go with them to my new political home,” he said showing some apparent excitement at the idea of joining the BDP. “BDP is more organized, at least in Jwaneng.

Botswana Congress Party (BCP) was also here trying to lure me to their side but they failed to bring me their manifestos, so I decided to join BDP,” Jahana said. Jwaneng Town Council has 11 elected councilors, 5 BNF members and 4 BDP members.

He will still remain the mayor, as the BDP will now be in majority.



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  1. tipa11 2014/02/20

    Ke rile ba santse ba tlaa atla kwano

  2. mally 2014/02/27

    For Amos is bitterness. He lost the primaries because people did not want him. He must learn to accept defeat. As a staunch supporter of BDP I don’t respect people like Amos. I want to be believe he is joining BDP with some hope of receiving favours.Forget it, there are BDP members who worked tireless for the party, even after defeat there are still holding on. Man your time has expired.

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