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Anti-Tobacco Network seeks to restrict cigarettes sales

Anti-Tobacco Network (ATN) is a Non-Governmental Organization which has dedicated itself to supporting the implementation of the World Health Organization framework convention on Tobacco Control.

ATN has made significant contributions to the country’s tobacco control efforts.

The NGO was significantly influential in recent 30% levy increase on tobacco and its associated products.

The NGO now wants to influence the government again to prohibit tobacco advertising, promotion and tobacco company sponsorship.

Speaking during breakfast meeting at Lansmore Hotel earlier this week, former World Health Organization Director General and retired politician, Joy Phumaphi who joined ATN as a celebrity endorser, said affirmative action must be taken to see to it that tobacco must be strictly controlled.

“In other countries display of tobacco in retail shops is restricted and they reduce access to cigarettes by hiding them from the shelves.

Some of the measures they have taken is to have plain packaging on tobacco products to make them less attractive to consumers.

She further explained that in much more developed countries there no sales of loose draw cigarettes.

“Criminalizing smoking around children or in the car has produced positive results in other parts of the world.”

Phumaphi elaborated that she hails the Citizen Developmental Entrepreneurial Agency for exiting its joint venture with one Benson Craig, who was about to set up a tobacco manufacturing company in Botswana.

Phumaphi further showed disappointment with the recent agreement between the Ministry of Agriculture and Japan Tobacco Incorporation.

“Botswana could have found more ethical willing partners who value human life to partner with for employment creation.

I strongly urge the Ministry of Agriculture and the Japanese Government to reconsider this tripartite agreement and find another partner that is not a messenger of death.”

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