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UB gays and lesbians target politicians

The newly formed University of Botswana Lesbians Gays and Bisexuals (UB-LEGABI) organization has threatened to de-campaign any politician who won’t recognize and support their cause.

Speaking at a meeting which was held to form the organization on Wednesday, the student representative president Kago Mokotedi noted that they were yet to present the organization for endorsement to the Minister of education Pelonomi Venson-Moitoi.

“We held this meeting to form this organization because we have noticed that the society oppresses homosexuals, which is something we would want to end.

We want to create awareness in our society that there is nothing wrong with having homosexuals amongst us and we are surely going to attain our objectives,” he said.

Mokotedi further said that it was very wrong for some leaders to keep give an impression that the society only comprises of heterosexuals.

He said such has been displayed and encouraged by politicians who don’t put pressure on Government to accept and appreciate homosexuals.

“We have politicians who want to be voted into power and yet they don’t advocate for recognition of homosexuals.

If they don’t want homosexuals then they should make it clear so that homosexuals also stop voting for them.

Homosexuals can’t continue voting for people who don’t like them.

You should write and tell them that if at all they continue to categorize the society according to sexual orientation we will also return the favour,” warned Mokotedi.

He said the newly formed committee leading the organization is yet to meet the university’s Health and wellness department as well as the counselling and guidance department to advocate for the minority groups to be allowed to benefit from counselling services as partners.

“We are not forcing or recruiting anyone to become a homosexual but we want those who are not homosexuals to accept and live with those who are.

We want the counselling department to open its doors for homosexual partners to come for counselling as partners.”

He said in their expected meeting with the minister of education, they are to propose that the current Moral education syllabus used in schools be amended so that it no longer displays homosexuality as immoral.

“We want the minister to consider scrapping off the moral education syllabus because it teaches students that homosexuality is immoral and be replaced with one that would teach children that there is nothing wrong with homosexuals,” said Mokotedi.

Contacted for a comment, Minister Venson-Moitoi said she was looking forward to the meeting where she will advice the students accordingly.

“I can’t say much at the moment but because they are my children I will be more than ready to welcome and listen to them.

I will also look into the country’s laws and advice them accordingly,” she said.

7 Responses to “NO GAYS RIGHTS , NO VOTE”

  1. mmega dikgang 2014/02/19


  2. stagarandah 2014/02/19

    Waitse ga rene reka nna le this boldness mo Modimong lefatshe la rona lene le kaya golo gogwe! Tumelo yame ke gore ga gona bolwetsi bo bo palelang Modimo, this mountain of sickness will be subdued.

  3. balopinyati 2014/02/20

    These young boys are out of their minds, so he advocates for homosexuals, a a ratane le a le mongwe, a dire videos re mmone we shal support him, he doesn’t do dat but he does not advice his agemates accordingly, tsamayang le ye go itirela lehatshe la lona ko le ta itirelelang joo-rata teng banna, we knw that there are people wth dat disease, bt we are saying, just like any other disease, u need help, th thing is u dn’t beliv dat u hav problems, so hw can we help you? What is against the natural laws of life is immoral youngmen and ladies, so be immoral and stop trying to make our country your photocopies.Here i support the government of the day 100%. No homosexuals in our country, hatshe le la rona le bana ba rona, so lona la go nna jang le bana ba lona ga le ineella bolwetsi jo bo sa rotoetseng tsholo. Its hard for us to change our motto. God stabilise ur hearts and make you new again beings that can praise him again.

  4. DJANGO CROSS 2014/02/21

    nxa! they claim to have rights, they forget that rights come with responsibilities and if you neglect the responsibilities you are jeorpadizing the rights. they neglect the God given responsibilities which come with being a male or female and now they claim to have rights

  5. gaah83 2014/02/21

    ao gatwe gay rights, mo ke bolwetse bo bo senang kalahi, bo batla Modimo ka sebele. Ga re batle lehatshe la rona e nna Sodom le Gomorrah.

  6. CUDDLESOME 2014/02/27

    Gay rights my foot!!!!!

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