Cartoon-for-14-2-2014At a recent kgotla meeting in Ghanzi, Labour and Home Affairs Minister Edwin Jenamiso Batshu made it clear that foreign men cannot gain Botswana citizenship by simply marrying Batswana women.

This decision however, did not go down well with some women in the country who seem to prefer foreigners to local men.

The Voice Correspondent was in a combi from Zwenshambe to Francistown this past weekend when the subject of who makes better lovers between foreigners and locals was discussed.

GREY HAIRED LADY: Batho (people) did you watch Botswana Television (Btv) news yesterday. I could not believe my ears.

What Batshu said is unbelievable. Re siele kae jaanong?

(Where are we going to find solace?).

LADY IN RED JERSEY: I have been thinking that the statement he made was picked by me alone.

As old as you are, are you concerned about the issues that the minister was talking about in Ghanzi?

What is your interest in this old lady?

GREY HAIRED LADY: Old lady is that dog you left at your place in Mapoka.

Who told you that I am an old lady?

We are talking about serious issues that affect our lives and you are creating a joke out of it!

The minister should have told us well in time about the development he revealed recently.

If he really meant what he said then we are in for a hard time.

LADY IN RED JERSEY: Are you telling us that you are still sexually active?

There are better things for you to cry about old lady, not sex.

You should be complaining about the meager pension that the government is giving you monthly.

GREY HAIRED LADY: I think arguing with you is a waste of time and energy.

Over and above that you look very young and do not understand much about sex.

If you must know sex becomes more pleasant as you grow older.

After reaching menopause it is even more pleasant because one does not worry about pregnancy.

LADY IN RED JERSEY: Wow! It is my first time to hear that. I think you can give us more information on that.

GREY HAIRED LADY: I am not talking about merely having sexual intercourse. Foreign men are the best in bed.

Local men do not know how to do it because they do not have the stamina and the technique to please a woman.

But have a Zimbabwean man by your side all night and you will know what I am talking about.

That is why I am very disappointed that Batshu is seemingly moving towards telling us who to love and who not to love.

A young girl who has been quiet when the old lady was arguing with the lady in a red jersey cuts in.

YOUNG GIRL: Zimbabweans are not the perfect men.

They are good but there are Zambians.

Men from Zambia know how to satisfy a woman.

With a Zambian man, there is no woman who can think of cheating.

They know how to give a woman everything she needs.

These men have been providing that scarce skill that local men lack.

I agree with you old lady, the minister should reconsider his decision.

GREY HAIRED LADY: I feel pity for you the younger generation.

I have enjoyed sex with my Zimbabwean man and he has since been granted citizenship.

If the minister was indeed serious about the decision you will be forced to marry “useless local men.”

The combi arrives in Francistown as the women agree to march to Gaborone in a bid to register their displeasure.



6 Responses to “IS LOCAL REALLY LEKKER?”

  1. sebui 2014/02/15

    Is it issue ya size or skill?nna I thnk our brothers are fine as hell,nna ke le nosi ga ke kgone ba meporota bagaetsho,legale go tswa hela gore motho o rata eng,I dnt want to judge…

  2. Sedof 2014/02/16

    A mme gone was it fair gore fa motswakwa a nyala a be a nna citizen ya botswana nna i think fa a nyala o tshwanetse go tsaya family y gagwe a tsamae le yone ba lese go utswa boagedi ka nyalo

  3. Tezz T 2014/02/18

    Borra gatwe re uselless tjo.!

    Yah.! If u guys wana marry èn du dat buht hao hetsa move aut to his country so dat he can satisfy u èr
    aker gape le ba ntsi le re heta ka palo rona banna daa so we wodnt complain……….

  4. koore mosadimogolo yoo le basetsana ba ba enjoya monate kana bothoko?

  5. De fris Lek 2014/02/21


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