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Jesus of Nazareth visited prisoners to pray for them, healed the sick and fed the poor but his current followers have of late been up to no good.

As if eating grass and drinking holy milk is not bad enough we hear that one government minister recently visited an incarcerated pastor awaiting to be deported to Nigeria for prayers.

Sources in maximum prison in Gaborone have leaked it to Shaya that this minister who doesn’t mind spending money to go searching for miracles across borders recently visited the prison buildings in Gaborone just to be prayed for by the Nigerian.

The Prisoner is reported to have been released to go spend ‘prayer’ time with the minister in an office which was secured for the two only.

If powerful ministers like the one we are talking about are desperate for miracle prayers from foreign pastors where does that leave us the mere masses. Eating grass I guess!


Do you all remember our Jazz star called Trinity?

Well for those who are new in town, Trinity is that guy who likes dressing like a Sangoma on stage.

If you have been wondering where he is, then wonder no more.

Trinity now resides in Toronto, Canada where he is pushing his music hustle as usual.

Those close to the brother recently told Shaya that our handsome Trinity tied the knot with another man, a white man to be precise, in Canada and they are living happily together.

Shaya being a sharp and quick gossip monger didn’t waste a minute to get in touch with the ever lively star.

Trinity however dismissed such news as malicious rumours.

“I hardly discuss my private life with anyone to fuel speculations.

You are also crazy because there is no way I can get married without you knowing,” he said before going offline.


The whole country by now is aware that when you cheat on your partner with a ‘le-14’ you shouldn’t leave any incriminating evidence behind lest you lend in big embarrassing trouble.

Such evidence could be used condoms or the most dangerous which is message exchanges through smart phones. Enough said.

It’s so sad that relatives and friends of a DJ who lives in South Africa failed to warn him about ma-14 from Gabs recently when he visited the country.

There are pictures of a semi naked heavily tattooed brother circulating around town along with whatsapp messages allegedly between him and his le14.

The young lady is said to be busy bragging that she had a piece of the much popular and loved DJ.

You dear reader just sit tight and wait until the time is right and I will deliver the pictures to you.


I have heard people who love their drink say that alcohol levy will never deter them from drinking as much as they please.

Mr. President if you are reading this, what they simply mean is that they don’t care whether you increase or reduce alcohol prices they will drink as long as you don’t interfere with the alcoholic content in their drinks.

The man pictured here is my hero and he surely had fun and money to spend on his drinks despite the hard hitting financial challenges hovering over almost everyone in the country.

I give him the position to lead the ‘we don’t care’ about the levy campaign.




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