TreasureMass Media Boss Mogomotsi Kaboeamodimo has not taken kindly to profanities uttered by freelance newsreader Treasure Mothobi on national television last week Saturday.

Mothobi shocked the nation with his foul language before the English bulletin.

When a colleague asked him if his barber did not cut his hair properly Mothobi unashamedly uttered unprintables for the whole nation to hear.

In a recorded video which The Voice is in possession of Mothobi is heard saying in vernacular, “ba ncutile gape ma..pa a bone,”loosely translated as ‘They cut my skin again me. They are full of s*it.’

Reached for comment Mothobi referred all queries to his supervisors at Btv.

But Kaboeamodimo said that corrective measures will be taken against Mothobi.

Without going into detail he said the issue is an internal matter and therefore he could not disclose such corrective measures.

“I can’t go into details because this is an internal matter but what I can assure you is that this case will be treated like any other case we have had before and corrective measures will be applied,” he said adding that they have since received complaints from the public.

Pressed to reveal the President’s reaction on the matter, Kaboeamodimo said despite President Khama being an avid Btv viewer he never gives feedback on what transpires on national TV.





  1. tebielovie 2014/02/14

    I thought about this and I think the person responsible for sound should also be reprimanded. Why did he switch treasure s mike before time or why didn’t he tell him he was on air? I think this was sabotage.

  2. tipa11 2014/02/15

    Itshwarele ngwana bagaetsho.Kaboeamodimo o dikile a re go ratana mo tirong ga se molato mme ga ise a tseelwe dikgatho

  3. nkomo 2014/02/15

    Ah nna I think a trap has been set for Treasure,I mean its not a big issue,shems Treasure,sorry my brother,there are serious issues that has to be attended this one 4 Treasure is nothing,a hee tswaang mo ngwaneng, is just hatred in the workplace,,he was just chatting to a friend just like any1 has a way of talking to colleagues,,If I was a judge I would make them pay 4 wasting my time,Treasure sorry brother….I wish o ka ba palla ka kgang

  4. sebui 2014/02/15

    O heditse mahoko Nkomo,ke dumalana le sengwe se o se buileng.ebile le bone batho ba go tweng ba a complainer ga ke itse gore ba complaina ka eng ka ba bone hela sentle gore yo mongwe o dirile phoso,we all knw how we tok to our colleagues in a relaxed envronment,tlogelang ngwana batho ao,ija!

  5. Bonanza 2014/02/16

    a ngwana a tshele- this is just petty work politics go swelelwa ngwana yo mongwe go bonwa a ijela madi. If its discipline start with ur operators o ba kgalemelle go hithela ba switcha dilo on ba sa bolelle ur news readers. Re lapisitswe ke go bona motho a tshasiwa make up, a tshega kana a a ja dikgang a tshwanetse go bala dikgang.

  6. Sedof 2014/02/16

    Did treasure intend to say that on air:

  7. tjibonda 2014/02/17

    Botswana o a kgala. A re somareleng dithapa

  8. Moga Gobleman 2014/02/17

    Le mohologile, the guy is a nice gentleman really, it was just impulsive

  9. Duxiedoodle 2014/02/17

    Who’s complaining???

  10. Duxiedoodle 2014/02/17

    Ba tswe mo go Treasure… Ija…!!

  11. Chris M 2014/02/17

    Who is complaining!? Parents should be confident that their children are not going to be taught foul language on national TV! You can’t excuse this guy! He uttered those ugly words! No one else! He should be professional while at work, always! This is not funny!

  12. primmy 2014/02/17

    The poor guy doesn’t ve a problem at all Kaboyamodimo. Its obvious cos those people were stil getting ready. Hu ever that rolls the camera is at fault.

  13. Boy Mfana 2014/02/18

    Camera man/lady shld also take up the blame cz s/he shld hv notify tressure that he is now on air bt s/he failed. I think this was a set-up


  15. cheerful 2014/02/19

    One asks questions if the person was aware that the sound was on or off and whether it was brought to his attention that the sound was on or off:
    never a dull day at this station it all kicked off with a supervisor with connections speaking down to another member of staff a long while back

    the other question is was it done deliberately to get the person off the job????????????

  16. stagarandah 2014/02/19

    Phoso e ke phoso e ka dirwang ke mongwe le mongwe, unless ane a ntse a beilwe leswabi gore one silly mistake he is gone or bane ba mo logetse segwenegwene ka gore ba tlhoka jang go mo tsibosa gore omo phefong? Treasure is the most talented person ga gotla go balwa dikgang, tota ka bokhutswane he is the best jaanong wa bo a jarasediwa!

  17. ANALISE 2014/02/19

    nnyaa bathong..a ko e nne modiga..he didnt say it 4 public consumption..o ne a ipuela le hs colleague who un4tunatly happened to be reckless mo tirong yagwe…i hope ba tla go itshwarela bro..the voice le yone..heish…ya bo e kare he is foul mouthed..ako le nne le itshwara, le batle dikgang tse di serius,,itjakga…aoo

  18. Kanakatse 2014/02/20

    ako le itshwareleng yo mongwe bathong

  19. cheerful 2014/02/20

    Treasure find another Barber if the one you visit did not cut your hair properly

  20. cheerful 2014/02/20

    And if the Barber complains why you are no longer using just tell them straight be honest that they did not do a good job – serve them right-if they still complain hand them over to me will tell them-

  21. LETLHOGILE 2014/02/24

    lyk c’rusly fela is not his fault….he didnt min to,i gues he wil forgive you

  22. CUDDLESOME 2014/02/24

    Treasure did nothing wrong. He was not speaking to the public, he was speaking to a colleague/friend. Botsang motho wa sound dipotso eseng Treasure. Ao!
    … and who’s complaining anyway? Leabo le ka bopela ngwana kgomo ya mmopa.

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