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Pornographic images tear marriage apart



Sordid tales of infidelity are expected to be narrated before the high court as a Gaborone couple heads for a bitter divorce after the husband discovered explicit images and text messages from his wife’s alleged lover.

The warring couple, Davis Tau and his wife Laone Phemelo Tau who are on separation awaiting to nullify their marriage vows fell out with each other after Tau found sexually suggestive messages and naked pictures of a man he suspected to be wrecking his marriage.

The infuriated Tau then took the matter to court where he demanded P20 000 from Mohammed Abdi Musa, the man he accused of wrecking his marriage.

Despite the overwhelming pictorial and text message evidence allegedly sent from his cellphone, Musa denied any involvement with Laone.

In the last court appearance he engaged attorneys from Armstrongs law firm to oppose the marriage wrecking claim.

His lawyers challenged the evidence as they claimed that its content which showed an extensive manhood ejaculating on the belly together with facial pictures of Musa, were irregular.

The text message which Musa also disputed partly read: “-Am watching this clip we made the other day babe and makes me miss u even more.

-Hey we cud be Hollywood stars babe. You must have really enjoyed it babe.
-We have to thank God for this relationship.

I am really in love with you Laone. You deserve better babe

The matter is set to return to court on a date to be set for determination of the authenticity of the evidence.

Tau will be represented by Duma Boko of Duma Boko & Company while Armstrong’s law firm represents Musa.




3 Responses to “BODY OF EVIDENCE”

  1. tipa11 2014/02/15

    This man seems to thank God for adultery. He is going to hell and if the images are true, why not use condoms on another mans wife? Ejaculating on the belly? Thats satanic

  2. nkomo 2014/02/15

    Eses dat woman is garbage,there is no difference between her and the rotten rubbish in the dustbin,mxwem u don’t talk about the name of God when stealing another man’s wife,man u demanded a little amount,that is nuts,u could have demanded P100 000 and start a business,mxm abormination!!!dat woman is hell,divorce dat thing,,shame on her,I blame her 2 much than the man who was in love with her,mxm once again mxm!

  3. ke a o rata mmele wa rre yo waitse.

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