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MP for Letlhakeng/Takatokwane, Ngaka Ngaka and his wife on Monday treated scores of Gaborone city dwellers to a show of domestic drama as they aired their dirty linen in public.

The unsuspecting MP found himself at the centre of an embarrassing street fight when his estranged wife’s Boingotlo Ngaka pounced on him at his girlfriend’s house.

Not aware that Boingotlo, a District Commisioner was waiting for him at her alleged rival’s yard in Extension Two, Ngaka arrived in a maroon KIA Sportage.

But no sooner had the MP parked than his wife had sprang into action from a combi to confront him about his dishonourable behaviour.

A bitter war of words erupted between the DC and the MP causing scores of curious neighbours and passersby to gather and watch the public spectacle.

Oblivious of the bystanders, the angry wife ordered the husband to open the car for her to retrieve family property he allegedly stole from the marital home to hide at his girlfriend’s house. The defiant MP did not budge.

NOT AMUSED: Parafine

NOT AMUSED: Parafine

“You have been sneaking out family property from the house to hide at your girlfriend’s house,” She shouted for everyone to hear.

Turning her anger on her love rival, Boingotlo accused the other woman,Kesetse Julia Parafine of boasting about how she was going to steal the MP.

Parafine however kept her cool and even became a referee at one point as Ngaka charged at his wife threatening to beat her.

“No, no please don’t do that,” Parafine pleaded with her alleged lover as she stood between the two before she went on to sternly order the bickering couple to leave her yard.

At her command the Ngakas got into their KIA Sportage and sped off with Voice reporters and Boingotlo’s cousin in hot pursuit.

CREATING A SCENE: Mp Ngaka and his two woman

CREATING A SCENE: Mp Ngaka and his two woman

A few metres from Gaborone Central Police Station the MP stopped the car and the couple put up a shouting match for anyone who cared to stop and listen.

Once again the fight was taken to the car as they sped off through the Main Mall towards Broadhurst and eventually Mogoditshane where they brought traffic to a standstill when Boingotlo’s cousin attempted to block their car.

The irate Ngaka rammed right into the combi, breaking its headlamp and leaving ugly scratches on the shinny Sportage.

The MP then drove off to his sister’s house in Mogoditshane where the two disembarked the car and gave the neighbours their last act.

Speaking in an interview later Ngaka said his wife was just freaking out because it had finally sunk in her head that she was getting divorced.

“We agreed that we should divorce and today my lawyers were supposed to serve her with the papers. That is why she is doing this. She just wants to embarrass me,” he said.

Bleeding from the mouth which he explained was a result of his wife’s head-butting, Ngaka said he was happy that“after all this, this woman will be out of my life.”

“Thank God she will be out of my life,” he said.

Efforts to get a comment from the other woman at her house failed.

“Who are you? Get out of my way I want to go to work,” she shouted as this reporter attempted to engage her in conversation.

Officer Commanding-Mogoditshane Police Counsel Moyo said the couple is yet to be charged.

“We are still investigating,” Moyo told The Voice on Wednesday afternoon.







11 Responses to “EXPOSED”

  1. tipa11 2014/02/10

    Ngaka is de campaigning himself at Letlhakeng and we will vote him out so that he goes back to his matrimonial home coz being an MP made him to leave his home. Be careful khayas

  2. lololo 2014/02/12

    Maitshwaro a kae Mr Ngaka. Dignity, more especially that you are an MP. Batho ba tlaa go tlhoboga. Lwelang ko lapeng.

  3. tipa11 2014/02/12

    O tlhala molaodi? Batho ba bangwe ba lucky ba nyala babereki go tswa foo ba a ba tlhala.

  4. DR Kitso 2014/02/12

    Poor Ngaka, he was unfortunate to be caught, kana a lot of people ba dira dilo mo spacing ba sa tshwarwe, ba bangwe they beg for forgiveness from their partners all the time and someone wives are there for their partners no matter what, ba lebile go ja! Ke ipotsa a batho ga ba bake, especially these high profile people, ba kile ba kaila, ba thuba malwapa ko Moleps the next thing ke bone ba tang ba bua le rona ka HIV/AIDS, ao bathong

  5. peadar 2014/02/16

    BoNgka ba thabisa rithong. O da go icha ha ngke he go thophe.

  6. balopinyati 2014/02/20

    Can u nw see that money is power, motho ke yo o nale less than a mnth mo palamenteng o setse a lwantsha basadi, o ne a le maistseo a rata mosadi wa gagwe fa a ne a chonne ese mopalamente, nw le ha e le advice-slip ya ntlha ga a ise a bone o dira dilo tse di ntseng jaana. Hei, Bo-ngaka bone, mathabisa-dithong.

  7. De fris Lek 2014/02/21

    Go kgopoga the go re direla mathata

  8. Kedisang aka ctttd 2014/02/22

    well dis man will learn how life is, o tla sotlega, a sotlwa ke boitshwaro jwa gagwe le lelapa le a ayang ko go lone. this is shame and a serious insult to the phrase ”PUBLIC FIGURE”. he is such a disgrace to the community he adresses.
    Ngaka is reduced to being negative nothing, he is no one to sensitize us about MCP and HIV/AIDS.

  9. mally 2014/02/27

    To be an MP is temporary, we will be watching as u scrambles down. Don’t let the celebrity status get into your head. This very act might cost you bo MP should women decide to punish you for treating one of them as used toilet paper.

  10. mally 2014/02/27

    To be an MP is temporary, we will be watching as u crumbles down. Don’t let the celebrity status get into your head. This very act might cost you bo MP should women decide to punish you for treating one of them as used toilet paper.

  11. Diphirikeeng 2014/03/06

    matlhabisa ditlhong. monna wa MP a dira makgaphila mme gaa tloga oa go shenama fa pele ga batho are oka kgalema. Le seka la tlhopha monna yoo o ditirong di bosula. BCP UDc tshono keeo

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