NOT AMUSED: Naledi Kanji

NOT AMUSED: Naledi Kanji

Disgruntled Farmers who lost their cattle in Shakwe after they were allegedly poisoned in December will have to wait a little longer for the police to take action.

Machaneng Station Commander Superintendent Peggy Vakalisa confirmed that 16 cattle died of what is suspected to be poisoning.

She also confirmed that wild animals, especially vultures also died in the same incident of poisoning.

The sample of the carcases Vakalisa has said were taken to a veterinary lab in Mahalapye to ascertain the cause of the death.

We are waiting for the laboratory to give us feedback.

After that we shall take the matter to the Department of Public Prosecutions for advice on how to proceed.” She said.

On December, 28th, 2013 about 16 cattle drank contaminated water in a farm belonging to Oaitse Silas at Shakwe.

In an interview with The Voice Silas confirmed the incident and regretted that it happened.Silas however said he was not remorseful that the cattle died inside his farm.

“My farm is adjacent to the main road linking Mahalapye and Shakwe.

It is regrettable that my neighbours lost their livestock but the cattle were not supposed to be grazing in that area in the first place.” he said.

Absolving himself from any blame Silas further said; “I normally plant cabbage, but at that time I had left some chemicals that kill pests in a bowl.

Unfortunately, there were heavy rains and the bowl was filled with water and those cattle drank it.

How can it then be my fault that stray cattle drank contaminated water in my farm?

The aggrieved farmers spokesperson, Naledi Kanji was however adamant that Silas planned to kill their cattle.

Kanji accused Silas of being a hostile neighbour.

“We are fed up with Silas. He has killed my dog, he has killed my cattle before.

Now he deliberately poisoned the water so that it can wipe out our cattle.

We have reported him to the police. If the police do not take action we shall take him to court ourselves or ask the power that be to relocate him.

After all he is from Mahalapye and not Shakwe He is a bully and we dont need a bully for a neighbour,” the incensed Kanji fumed.

She further said Shakwe residents were appaled that when they tried to seek clarity from Silas on why their cattle died in his farm, he locked himself in his house and refused to talk to them until the police came to scene.

“He only said the cattle ate a poisonous substance without elaborating further.” She said.




  1. Duxiedoodle 2014/02/10

    Now he deliberately poisoned the water so that it can wipe out our cattle.”

    Nyaa betsho I think if he really wanted to wipe out your cattle he would have poisoned ko didibeng tsa lona not inside his farm….. As for the dog, ah, no comment.

  2. Othina 2014/02/10

    Dibatlang mo plasing yaga Silas tsa lona dikgomo at the first place tress-pass

  3. Othina 2014/02/10

    Dibatlang mo plasing yaga Silas tsa lona dikgomo at the first place tress-passing
    ndogwane yone ene e tsile go nwa mae aga bra Sai

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