FIRE: Chiliboy Rakgari

FIRE: Chiliboy Rakgari

Duma fm Station manager Alfred Busang has dismissed suggestions that MP for Mogoditshane, Patrick Masimolole influenced his decision to fire sports presenter Tumiso ‘Chiliboy’ Rakgari as unfounded.

“I took the decision to terminate his services from the station.

I am not at liberty to disclose why I took such a decision,” he said.

Rakgari who is also BCP candidate for Mogoditshane is challenging Masimolole for the seat.

Masimolole sits on the board of Duma Fm hence allegations that he might have influenced the sacking of Rakgari from the station.

He received a letter terminating his employment from Duma Fm January month end without an explanation, a hearing or a warning.

Asked if Masimolole did not have a hand in ochestrating Rakgari’s exit, Busang said:“Masimolole sits on the board as a silent director.

Of course he is part of the Duma FM family but he is not a board chairman as you would like to believe.”

The shareholders of Duma FM are Sayed Jamali and Mehdi Jamali they both own 45% each with Daniel Kwelagobe owning the remaining 10%.

Rakgari rubbished Busang’s explanations saying,“Busang is in the dark, he doesn’t know what he is doing he is fighting BDP battles, I am not even bothered that they fired me.

Besides they were paying us late after month end.”
He further explained that he had a contract that ends on November this year with the station.

He said he would not take the station to task, as Busang knows what to do when he terminates an employee’s contract.

“If it is a ploy by the BDP to silence me, they won’t manage.

The fact that I am standing for elections as a journalist should not be used against me.

In parliament we have old journalists as MPs, we now need the younger generation who can articulate issues better,” he said.

Both Rakgari and Masimolole are sports anchors in their own right.

Masimolole during his days he was a sports commentator on Radio Botswana, whilst Rakgari is a renowned sports anchor.

He has worked for bothYarona FM and Duma Fm.

He joined the BCP after he ditched the ruling BDP.

Busang never had a problem with Rakgare whilst he was still a member of the BDP.

Busang admits that the media is infested with journalists aspiring to be in politics.

“We at Duma we don’t fire people because they belong to certain parties.

We are aware that some of our journalists are activists in some political parties and it is not my call to fire them.

Rakgari has been in politics for a long time why the noise now?” he asked.





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