• Distant baby on the way0

    Shaya would like to congratulate one of Team Distant members whose girlfriend apparently has a bun in the oven. Recently the rising music stars appeared on this publication confirming that they all have girlfriends who sometimes tag along to the group shows. The brothers said the girlfriends often express jealousy over the team’s groupies. So

  • Karate: team Botswana’s medal hopefuls

    Karate: team Botswana’s medal hopefuls0

    GOING FOR GOLD: Seru With just over a month left before the start of the Africa Youth Games in Gaborone, local teams have intensified their preparations. Karate, which is amongst the most excelling sporting codes in the country is expected to do well in the games. Local karatekas have dominated the Zone 6 region for

  • Big belly business0

    I have had so many questions running in my mind about one particular businessman in Gaborone. At the risk of being crucified for being politically incorrect this chubby man or should I say huge man is often seen surrounded by young sexy girls making one wonder whether he sleeps with any of them at the

  • From rags to riches

    From rags to riches0

      When a young man working as a miner in apartheid South Africa, Khei Modiagane, 54, decided that working was not for him he came home in 1979 to start a taxi business. “I’m a business man at heart,” says the Gabane father of four. Modiagane talks of his journey since 1980 when he started

  • My toddler won’t eat healthy meals

    My toddler won’t eat healthy meals0

      Dear Gase, I’m a mother to a 3-year-old toddler whose father is blaming me for her loss of appetite for food. However that I’m being blamed is not really my worry right now – all I want is that you help me so my girl can eat…even a little rice at least! Please help

  • Good start for mokarazizo

    Good start for mokarazizo0

      The newly revamped Mokaragana show got off to a flying start last Saturday. The artists on the line up are the crème de la crème of the country and have what it takes to brand the country regionally. The show’s sponsorship by Brand Botswana is welcome; but it should not end there. The standard


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