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Man lashed for assaulting cheating wife

He lost his temper and beat his wife for confessing to have used a condom he left in the house to have sex with a neighbour.

This week Francistown magistrate court found him guilty of assault and ordered that he be whipped four times on his bare buttocks.

34- year -old Lebang Lebang was sentenced to three years in prison which was wholly suspended on condition that he does not commit an offense involving violence in the next two years plus four strokes of the came on the buttocks.

Lebang admitted that he hit his wife with the back of an axe in the middle of an argument over a missing condom on January 3, 2014.

Passing the sentence, Francistown magistrate Dumisani Basupi took into consideration that Lebang was a first offender who pleaded guilty to the charges thereby saving the court’s precious time on clear issues.

“Pleading guilty to the offense is a sign of a high degree of remorse on the part of the accused person,” observed the magistrate.

Nonetheless, the magistrate noted that cases of domestic violence were a cause for concern, often leading to murder.

“Fortunately, the accused person did not use the axe to an extent of killing the complainant in this matter.

She must count herself lucky as most cases of domestic violence result in loss of a life or lives,” he said.

In mitigation Basupi said the accused person’s behavior was driven by anger upon his wife’s confession that she had used the condom to have sex with a neighbour whose name could not be revealed in court.

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