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Motlamedi Premier Funeral Plan –dependable and affordable

TALKING INSURANCE: Catherine Letlegele-Lesetedi

TALKING INSURANCE: Catherine Letlegele-Lesetedi

Funerals these days are very costly. Far beyond the cost of a coffin, there are incidental costs such as catering, transport, phone calls to family and friends, utility bills and others.

This can leave a bereaved family financially drained. Motlamedi Premier Funeral Plan by Botswana Life has been designed to meet the ever-rising cost of funerals.

Motlamedi Premier allows the main assured to cover his/her spouse and up to six (6) children under the same policy. Children have to be under the age of 20 to qualify for cover.

The main assured can be aged anything between 18 and 60 to qualify for cover.

The main assured and the spouse are covered for P45, 000. Of this amount, P20, 000 is offered through funeral services provided by FSG Limited, which includes Lyn’s Funeral Parlour and Kagiso Funeral Parlour.

The funeral services covered by the P20, 000 are the purchase of a coffin and a tombstone.

Over and above this, P25, 000 is paid out as a lump sum to be used by the family as necessary.

This sum can be split accordingly to cover other funeral costs and any incidentals.

The maximum of six (6) children nominated under Motlamedi are covered for P30, 000 each, at a standard premium of P70 regardless of whether you cover one (1) child or six (6) children.

This cover is split into P11, 000 worth of funeral services through FSG Limited, and P19, 000 lump sum payout.

Effectively, if a wife or husband takes out this policy, nominates his/her spouse and their six (6) children for cover, the entire family has funeral cover of P270, 000! That’s what makes Motlamedi a premier funeral cover product!

Motlamedi has no medical underwriting; therefore one can take out cover without having to do medical exams.

An additional benefit to this product is the waiver of premiums on death or disability.

This waiver allows the family to continue to enjoy cover without paying premiums in the event of death or disability of the policy holder/main assured.

Therefore, should the main life assured, who is paying the policy premiums, pass on or be disabled such that he/she cannot generate an income, the policy will still cover him/her, the spouse and any nominated children without paying premiums.

One thing that characterises our society is the bond we share with extended family. This bond varies in strength from one family to the next.

This comes with many benefits, including the emotional and financial support that can be offered to each other during difficult times.

Motlamedi Premier has been designed with an extended family funeral benefit, such that should you wish to cover some of your extended family members, you can do so.

The product permits cover for a maximum of four (4) parents/parents-in-law and 10 extended family members. Funeral services (FSG cover) do not apply on this option.

Maximum age of entry for parents/parents-in-law and extended family members covered is 85.

Under this cover, parents/parents-in-law are covered for a cash benefit of P12, 500 while other extended family members are covered for P10, 000.

Monthly premiums for Motlamedi Premier are very affordable.

They start from as little as P121 for the main life assured, P81 for the spouse, P40 for a parent and only P12 for an extended family member.

So for less than P500 a month, you can get cover for you and your spouse, your parents and parents-in-law, and 10 extended family members.

That’s truly dependable and affordable cover!

Having a premier funeral plan for your family need not be expensive.

Motlamedi offers you and your family premium cover at affordable premiums.

Like all other Botswana Life products, Motlamedi Premier Funeral Plan is available through a wide and supportive network of agents and brokers countrywide.

More information on it and other Botswana Life products is available at www.botswanalife.co.bw.

You can also obtain more information by calling the Botswana Life Contact Centre at 362 3700.



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