KaraboMany know him as the guy from the popular Mokaragana show on Btv but Karabo Seelo is more than just that loud and energetic young man who appears on your screens every weekend.

Voice reporter, Daniel Kenosi recently had a chat with the 22-year-old TV star and upcoming businessman about his life both on and off the big screen.

Eita da!! Lehenza. Please give us your real names
My name is Karabo Seelo a young man from Tonota. I am 22 years old which means I am the future.

Q. Where did you grow up?
I can’t really say I grew up in one specific place.

I can only say I grew up in Botswana because I was all over this country.

My mother is a teacher by profession and as I was growing up she was being transferred to all these different places but I stayed longer in Tlokweng.

I used to think that the whole transfer issue was straining until I noticed that it was boosting my confidence because I met different people from different backgrounds.

Q. Any memories about one of the places you stayed at?
They are actually two places that would top in my memories and that would be Tlokweng and MiddlePits.

People in MiddlePits have very unique minds and what I recall is the time I used to fail to connect with people there because they mostly speak Afrikaans and my memories wouldn’t be complete without Tlokweng because thats where I spent my formative years and I was one of the naughty guys in school.

I remember I used to carry a knobkerrie (molamo) to school just for security reasons.

Q. What security?
We used to have bullies in Tlokweng and after school they would take all we had, so I had to have something to protect myself with should any bully come closer.

My mother used to be called to school because I was so undisciplined and my grades were bad.

Q. It must have been tough for your mother
Yes!! You know boys will always be boys.

I changed as time went on.

I am from a single parent family and my mother has always been very supportive and my older sister too who once sent me money from abroad for me to record a song.

I used to be a dancer and I did a lot of songs.

In short I can say I am a guy who explores and don’t be shocked to see me editing your newspaper tomorrow.

Q. What happened to the songs you recorded?
They are there. I was just an underground kid but even today I still get some of Botswana artists requesting for my hand.

It’s just that the music industry here doesn’t pay so I will shelve that talent for a minute.

I had an album titled ‘Menate fela’ which was very popular.

I recorded it when I was 19 and it wasn’t really paying but I didn’t come all the way from Tonota to get peanuts.

Q. How much were the peanuts you got?
The highest payment I ever got was P1, 500 for performance despite the fact that I had invested more than that in recording my album.

Q. What happened to schooling?
I got 38 points from my senior school exams and had wanted to do marketing or any course related to that.

I remember that time the queue to get sponsorship letter to varsity was very long and all it took was patience but I couldn’t stay there so the nearest course I could get was not what I wanted.

I left, applied for a job at the Government enclave and I was employed as record clerk in one of the offices with my form five certificate.

Q. Did your parents approve of that?Lehenza
Not at all and I remember my elder sister who stays abroad called requesting me to go back to school but I just told her I was following my heart and they ended up giving up.

I later left the job and enrolled with BAC where I did my Degree in Business.

Q. How did you get the Mokaragana job?
It’s very funny how it came about. I used to love television and admired guys who appeared on Btv.

I first auditioned for My African Dream show before Mokaragana came to my mind.

It was raining on that day and I just stood on that queue waiting for my turn and unfortunately I couldn’t make it because the judges said I spoke too fast.

I was really hurt because I had spent days praying and fasting for that job.

Q. Why would you torment yourself that much?

We hear you guys get paid peanuts or you just want fame.
That’s true. We don’t get paid enough but I wanted to appear on TV so as to expand my chances and opportunities out there.

That’s why today I get recognition from big newspapers like yours. Going back to how I got the job.

I then went on to audition for the Prime Time show but also couldn’t make it and Mokaragana was my last trial and here I am.

Q. What happened when you were called for the job?
The producers just told me to be original.

They said they wanted something new and I had an assignment to go back home and create something energetic and relevant to the show.

I came up with this ‘Lehanza’ tagline. I went back the following day and I had the audience there so I introduced the ‘lehenza’ tagline and it was flowing.

I will never forget the embarrassing moment when I said Mokaragana is viewed by people all over the country and wanted to say even in Parakarungu but I instead said Kwazulu Natal.

Q. What happened next?
I just pretended nothing happened and went on with my presentation.

Q. I heard you mentioning fasting earlier. Do you go to fire churches or Pentecostal?
(Laughs) yes I go to Fire churches but I haven’t started paying tithes because I am still trying to learn and understand the reason why I should give money to the church.

Q. What’s your take on a pastor who fed your fellow Christians grass?
I wouldn’t eat grass and I think what that pastor did is very immoral and unacceptable.

People should start reading the Bible and not worship pastors.

It’s there in the Bible that in the last days we will have false prophets so we should open our eyes.

Q. Please take us into your daily life.
I have my own business so when I am not busy recording at the Mass Media Complex I go out to meet potential clients.

I have a problem with people who deny me business opportunities because of my age.

I am also currently working with Choppies Superstores as their MC even though we don’t have a contract they have promised that they will always engage me whenever they have a new store to open or any event.

Q. What kind of business are you engaged in?
My unique company is called Bins for Kings and I disinfect dustbins.

I am currently based in Phakalane.

It started operating last year. We just knock at your door,ask to empty and disinfect your trash can at a given price.

It’s still small because Batswana are still struggling to understand the need to disinfect their trash cans.

Q. What challenges come with being Mokaragana presenter?
Those moments a boring artist comes into the studio and I have to stand in front of the camera and pretend to be enjoying but my co-presenter and I always try to make it simple for ourselves because before going on air we discuss on how we will tackle the show.

Before light and cameras go on, we try to familiarize ourselves with the artists.

Q. Were you treated as a celebrity at school?
Not at all, but people recognized me and I remember one day a lecturer imitated what I do on TV.

Q. How about the attention from women?
I do get a lot of attention from ladies.

They really love me. You should see the messages I receive on Face book and you will understand what I mean.

I can take the whole day reading and responding.

Q. We thank you for your time Mr. Ladies man. What are you up to this weekend?
I haven’t drawn the schedule as yet but if not busy with work I will be home with my family.




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