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I’M AVAILABLE: Colour will have a new meaning on V-Day

I’M AVAILABLE: Colour will have a new meaning on V-Day

How much do we really care about the self-proclaimed most romantic day of the year? 

Surely a great deal less commercialised in Botswana than it is for our American and European counterparts, and yet restaurants continue to fill up on the special night, with florists’ prices multiplying like a virus.

Whether you’re a fan of the day celebrating the legacy of St Valentine or not, one aspect that’s worth celebrating is the fact that we’re far from the historic positioning where Valentine’s Day was a forum only for those in a relationship.

Single, taken or not, the holiday has taken on a much more modern “let’s love it, hate it or just have a bit of fun with it” kind of attitude that’s shaping up to give Batswana a little more of the fun factor this year.

Yes, you can opt for the traditional route of dinner with that special someone or even just with friends.

But as we up the ante on our social bravado, isn’t it high time we strive to do something just a little bit different?

Fortunately, should you be so inclined, you have the option to do just that.

Local businesses continue to find new and creative ways to make any Hallmark card holiday a more enthralling one and Valentine’s Day has proved no exception.

Establishments such as Lansmore Masa Square have virtually thrown out that proverbial box to introduce a new kind of Valentine’s Day celebration for the adventurous and fun-seeking, whilst also maintaining something for those not seeking to break with tradition. What have we to look forward to?

One might wonder. Traffic Lights!

Yes, you’ve read that correctly. While the renowned La Touche de Provence will cater for a refined dinner we have come to expect downstairs in the hotel, the now infamous Absolut Bar rooftop venue will transform into a traffic situation that one can definitely get on board with.

Taking the concept of colour coding for different relationship statuses.

It’s simple, really. Red = taken; orange = undecided; and green = available.

Wear the colour you feel best represents your relationship status, or lack thereof, and have a little fun meeting new people in a setting that’s geared to encourage a whole lot of liveliness and banter.

A little more risqué, a lot more of a laugh.



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