Down and out

Down and out

Former Botswana National Front (BNF) firebrand, Robert Molefhabangwe whose political career has been on the decline has fallen on hard times.

Trouble for the former Gaborone West MP started in 2009 when he lost his parliamentary seat which he ran for as an independent candidate after he was fired from the BNF for insubordination.

Unemployed and politically wounded, Molefhabangwe joined the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP).

He got a loan from CEDA to set up a shoe manufacturing plant.

But since then the factory, full of machines, some of them hired from friends is not in operation. To date he owes CEDA.

The financially challenged Molefhabangwe, whose political career recently suffered another blow when he lost the BDP primaries to his namesake Robert Masitara has apparently been playing hide and seek with some of his creditors.

An angry Gasegale Sengwaketse who loaned her sewing machines to Molefhabangwe nine months ago said the former MP owed her P50, 000.

Sengwaketse, a long time family friend of Molefhabangwe further claimed that several attempts to meet with Molefhabangwe to discuss payment have hit a snag as he did not want to take her calls.

“Since he got my machines he never visited our place again.

He started avoiding his friend, my husband, Bashi. I was left wondering what kind of a friend is this that doesn’t open up about his problems.”

“He has been playing hide and seek with me.

At one point I went to his house with the police to serve him with summons but he refused to open the door although his window was open.

“He doesn’t take my calls, he doesn’t reply my text messages and he doesn’t open his door.”

The former legislator entered into an agreement with Sengwaketse to hire the latter’s five industrial sewing machines at P1000.00 each per month effective from 10th April 2013.

The frustrated Sengwaketse said all she wanted now was her rental money and her machines back but she cannot locate Molefabangwe who has since moved from Phakalane to Gaborone West.

“I have engaged the police to look for him, I have tried the BDP head Office to assist but nobody seems to know his whereabouts.

He wants to stand for political office yet he is not ashamed to face up his responsibilities,” Sengwaketse fumed.

Reached for a comment Molefhabangwe said: “It’s true, I owe her.

Her payment is overdue. I have received the summons and I am currently making arrangements to settle the debt in question.”

Molefhabangwe also admitted that besides Sengwaketse he was also indebted to (CEDA).

The former MP however dismissed suggestions that Sengwaketse’s machines might be repossessed by other creditors.

“No, I don’t have anything attached by the deputy sheriffs. The machines had to be serviced.

I have always believed that I will buy the machines from her because I have upgraded them from domestic to industrial use.

“Gase and Bashi are long time family friends. I will pay them.”

Asked about his financial status Molefhabangwe however said: “Money is hard to come by.

I don’t know when I will lay my hands on money to pay them but I am working on it.”

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