A man who lost his temper and hit his wife with the back of an axe during a heated argument about a missing condom is to know his fate today( Friday)

Lebang Lebang, 34 of Ntshe location in Francistown was a week ago hauled before the Francistown magistrates’ court facing a single count of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

According to court papers, on January 3, 2014 at the couple’s matrimonial home, Lebang unlawfully assaulted his wife Gontse Lebang by hitting her with the back of an axe.

He pleaded guilty to the charges and was was subsequently pronounced guilty by magistrate Dumisani Basupi

In mitigation, tearful Lebang told the court that he failed to control his emotions when  he realised that the condom he had left in the house had gone missing.

When asked where the condom had disappeared to the wife apparently said she did not know but when pressed further she confessed that she had used it in a sexual encounter with a man who lived in the neighbourhood. The  confession Lebang said, sent him into a fit of rage.

“She revealed that she slept with someone I was already suspecting her of having an affair with,” said Lebang with tears trickling down his face to make a pool by his chin.

“I fend for my three siblings and my parents. Over and above that, I have a three-year-old child who still requires that fatherly love.” Lebang said as he begged the court not to send him to prison.

He further brought to the court’s attention that he had already forgiven his wife for cheating and the wife had reciprocated by forgiving him for the axe attack.

“Although it hurts for another man to have sexual intercourse with your wife, we have since hugged and kissed,” said Lebang, adding that it is now water under the bridge.

Prosecutor Semakaleng Mazibane prosecuted the matter while the accused person had no legal representation.






  1. eish this is bad, one he should dump his woman, 2 he should go to prison for assault its not acceptable, he could have killed her

  2. olorato gangae 2014/01/27

    ke mathata

  3. maanyaanya 2014/01/27

    Aa sekasekelwe dikahlolo, go jelwa mosadi o nyetse a jelwa mo tlong ya gago ka condom ya gago go bohloko mo o ka felelwan ke goitshwara. if a ya prison nyatsi e tlabe e segetswe mo lefureng.

  4. Leonardo 2014/01/27

    Mo ga se mathata ke dithata ha e sa thole e le jeje ke potongwane

  5. slake gift 2014/01/27

    mongwe le mongwe o ja ee wa gagwe mme go itelwa condom….. mrena ya go seka attempted murder..

  6. Why a ne a dirisa selepe a sa dirise diatla bogolo o molato tota,go boulela ke molato hela ka bo one!

  7. Tsotsi Wee 2014/01/27

    u bet, this was no ordinary condom! the power of lil things! on our weddin day my fther-in-law hd a tight jaw whn he showed me his revolver-a sign of things to come-then looked me right in th heart he n said;b carefl wth lil thngs boy!my wife learnt earlir. now check this, 1 a misin condom 2 an axe slicin thru the air 3 police & family & judge involvemnt 4 man weepin in court 5 journalist enjoyin thir job 6 me readin th story when i should be callin my grandchildrn just to say hi..lil things. lil things! a thing s tiny s a missin condom cn cause a revolution! remembr tht! they embraced th debauchry of hollywood now they’re reapin hollywood.

  8. Kesa 2014/01/27

    Heiii..! MR itumelele fela gore atleast wa gago o dirisa CONDOM, ba bangwe ba e ralala fela.. O tla falola mogare MR..

  9. ....! 2014/01/27

    This is a very disrespectful. This guy should have gone to chop off the head of the guy who had guts to come into his house and use his condom to sleep with his wife…in his bed! He should have removed the woman all teeth, so that when he goes to jail he would have settled the score. Someone comes into your home and sleeps with your wife! This is unacceptible, I dont care what the court says. This guy needs to be given justice…natural justice! If I was him I was going to do time for something I did. I would have given the guy and the slut what they deserve. Why did he use the backof an axe. Such guys who go into ppl s homes ba batla dihala…and all these ppl ba ba comentang ka marago before thinking, you need to get a life. Motho o jetswe mosadi!

  10. Chris M 2014/01/28

    These things belong to the movies! Not real life!

  11. bigcigo 2014/01/28

    ahh mosadi yo le ene o kotsi…. ga a sele gope kgakala…..o tsaya mo conanyaneng hela…. o ntenela go tseela dishashenyana yoo wa gagwe ko ntlong ya monna abo a mo latsa mo dikobong tsa gagwe….on top of dat a mo jesa tsa setsadi ka dintshwana tsa monna a mo nyetse….mxm mosadi o tshwanetse ae rata thata ga a kgotsohalele ya monna wa gagwe…she is exploring…shame on her..

  12. Wapeka yoo

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