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Things that happen in this city my brother, even dogs wouldn’t bark at them.

The latest to catch Shaya’s sharp ears is the rumours surrounding our famous brother who is into business and sports.

Yours truly has been informed that the light skinned brother who heads one of Botswana’s sports committees has impregnated his public relations officer.

Those close to the two say the married PR officer has already initiated divorce proceedings after the husband discovered that the cheeky wife is carrying a baby from the office.

The way this brother always appears on TV looking all smart and encouraging responsibility amongst citizens you wouldn’t believe that he is the one bonking his staff.


I guess by now when I say Safie everyone knows who I am referring to.

However for those who are new in town, Safie Sekgwa is that guy who organizes the annual controversial Miss Universe.

He is that guy who was dragged to court by beauty queens last year claiming that the competition was unfair.

Oh! Yes, he is the one accused of sleeping with some of the beauty queens in exchange for the Miss Universe Botswana title.

I have said enough history, now to the issue at hand.

Yours truly has since learnt that the organizer is now dating one of the former queens Barati Meme Gabalebe.

She has confirmed the relationship to the gossip guru.

I am equally wondering as to when they started dating but I give all my blessings to their union and wish them the best.


Dear Kaboeamodimo I am your number one fan and I never want to miss anything that you do or say.

I started loving you that time when you said office romance is ok as long as it doesn’t affect the job.

I swear that was the day I started paying attention to everything you say.

When I saw an advert on Btv that you were going to be interviewing president Khama I set my alarm reminder and on Sunday I just decided not to go to the jazz club just waiting for your interview.

I was really excited thinking that we now have our own Dali Tambo (Tambo is the Mzansi journalist who interviews mostly African Presidents.)

I was very disappointed when you appeared on my TV screen and started asking obvious questions and looking all star struck.

I am still your fan so please go back to the drawing table and next time bring us a real interview not what you did and I guess the President also felt you were wasting his time, which maybe he could have used to donate blankets to the needy.


Yours truly is an avid listener of Gabz FM’s morning show, Breakfast with Reg.

It’s an informative show and I must say always up to date except for last week when they repeated recorded shows from last year.

Besides the repeated shows, I was extremely disappointed when I tuned in one morning only to hear the show’s news reporter Sethunya Maele reporting that two people had died in an accident by Molapo Crossing ‘robots.’

For a minute I just stood there and thought she will change and she went on to report of how bad the accident was by the ‘robots’

Dear Sethunya, Shaya has always had a crush on you but now I am thinking twice, what if we become an item and you write on my face book wall, “Dear Shaya babe, I am running late and I am still by Molapo robots.”

They are called traffic lights dear not robots.


Have you been wondering why our popular traditional group which used to rock the airwaves both locally and regionally is so quiet? Wonder no more.

Those close to the old group which has groomed couples say the storm is brewing and divorce papers are on the cards.

Apparently the lead singer was caught by the hubby having sex with another musician who once dated a Kwaito Kwasa lady who dumped him and faked marriage across the borders.

Upon catching the two, the wife from Central is said to have told the husband to either call it quits or just let her live her life.

Whatever happens I don’t care about your personal life but please do go back into the studio and record songs for us.

And by the way I didn’t say back to the bedroom, I said studio.



3 Responses to “CHILLIN’ OUT 24.01.14”

  1. tipa11 2014/01/25

    Culture Spears? Charma Girl le Mlesho? K Mogwe must give up if it’s true

  2. CUDDLESOME 2014/01/27

    Haiboo!!! Eya moreng tlhabologo? She’s just about to be a victim on fame. Ke sale ka bona a setse a tsenya di hairpiece le di eyelashes. Live your life my foot o nyetswe!!! Respect yourself girl? Kopa maitshwarelo mo monneng olese makgakga…

  3. cheerful 2014/01/27


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