A delegation of five senior Communist Party of China (CPC) officials met with the Botswana Congress Party (BCP) leadership at a secluded place in Gaborone recently in a bid to formulate inter-party ties, The Voice has learnt.

CPC is the ruling party in the populous Asian nation of China and its officials were led by Chao Weidong, the Deputy Director General of the communist party’s International Department. Weidong is also a member of the CPC central committee.

Reliable sources have disclosed that the BCP was represented by its President Dumelang Saleshando who was in the company of the opposition party’s Secretary General Dr Kesitegile Gobotswang.

Contacted for a comment, Dr Gobotswang confirmed the development. Gobotswang said the meeting was at the request of the Chinese ruling party.

“It is true that we had a meeting with a five-member delegation from the CPC here in Gaborone,” confirmed Gobotswang, adding that the fundamental nature of the meeting was aimed at establishing inter-party ties.

Gobotswang further said that Saleshando at the meeting gave a brief history about the BCP and the opposition’s performance in the previous elections. According to Gobotswang, Saleshando talked about the relations that the BCP enjoys with other political parties in Africa and beyond.

The BCP has got political ties with Tanzania’s Charma Charma Party, Mozambique’s Frelimo, African National Congress (ANC) and the Labor Party of the United Kingdom (UK), The Voice has learnt.

“Our president also expressed BCP’s interest in learning more about how the CPC manages its organization of 85million members,” said Gobotswang.

For his part Weidong apparently told the meeting that the CPC international department is responsible for overseeing the external relations with respect to party-to-party cooperation and how it functions.

There are different bureaus operating under the CPC international department and the delegation that visited Botswana is from the sub-Saharan Africa Bureau.

For an external political organization to establish a relationship with the CPC, such an organization must be legally registered and showing friendly attitudes towards the Chinese ruling party, Gobotswanag has explained.

He said the purpose of the visit (by the Chinese Communist Party officials) was to study the political landscape of Botswana.

Upon the CPC’s  return to China, Gobotswang said the delegation will compile their report and submit it before the CPC.

A follow up study visit may be undertaken to gain more insight into local politics and this will inform the CPC when it considers party to party relations with political formations in Botswana, he said.

Efforts to get a comment from the Chinese ambassador to Botswana Zheng Zhuqiang proved futile as the embassy phones rang unanswered until press time.







  1. Tgirl 2014/01/27

    What’s up with Dr Tombale’s picture?????

  2. Chris M 2014/01/28

    BCP is a communist party! Look at how people of China are denied democracy! Crazy! Never vote for these i*iots unless we wat to kiss our democracy goodbye! They over the moon to have happily taken part and won a corrupted democratic process in F-West which is an insult to our democracy. That election process staged by a judge fails democratic test and one would expect self-respecting political parties never to ratify it by taking part in it! But as they are desperate for power, they did! Opposition in this country is utter disgrace! No respectable principles in them!

  3. Tsotsi Wee 2014/01/29

    @chris,calm down boy/girl. who ar u tryina scare? the wrst thing u cn do is 2 try 2 scare somebody wth their own toy. all botswanan politicl parties ar communist. bdp hs itself pocketed millions incash from th chinese communist party(cpc). hw do we know? both parties nver denied it, because it wasnt done in secret. so wht’d be wrong wth bcp and bmd followin in the footsteps of bip,bnf,bdp & bpp. the cpc itself is more capitalist then all botswanan parties. get you’r facts strait. if u hav a concern wth the way elections ar being conductd please engage relevnt authorities & please please do it in a contrctive & responsibl manner may b some good may come of it.

  4. Tsotsi Wee 2014/01/29

    many politcians across th politicl divide in ths beautifl nation unlike u ar gentlemen & ladies. none of thm hav their mouths drppin wth the gall intolerance & hate. i may not always hav been here but i knw they’d distance themselves from you’r remarks because of their motswanan way of thinkin:live & let live. whch is why botswana is one of the most peacefl countries in th world.

  5. Chris M 2014/01/29

    Tostsi Wee, that BCP is a communist party is not an invention or abstraction! It’s fact confirmed by Gilson Saleshando when he was BCP president in an interview with this paper! Look it up in archives! They are communist, the truth they don’t talk about much to voters! He went on to talk about that they will practice what he termed minimum communism, whatever that is! We joked saying how can anyone
    say he is minimum communist as there is no such a thing as much as there is no minimum capitalist!

    As for BDP being communist, it’s just flat out wrong! We have seen BDP lead for over 47 years now, fitting the classic capitalist democracy! Hence the undeniable progress of our country! China adopted capitalist free market policies recently and that’s why their economy started growing after years of poor performance under communist policies, making China poorer than US and Europe even though China had the largest market within their own borders! Look at how poorly communist countries have done compared to run away success of capitalist democracies of the west. Even Russia was bailed out in 2008 by the west! Communist is horrible! Not to mention terrible human rights record in all communist nations – political killings, political prisoners, curtailed freedom of speech, monitored and frequently censored social media etc! Is that what BCP wish to adopt from Chinese Communist party? Look up Ai Weiwei story to see what I am on about!

    The F-west byelection was a horrible deviation from any sense of democracy, staged by a judge needlessly! There was never, ever any need for judiciary to impose on party affairs! Every individual or party adhering to solid democratic principles would have known that it was wrong and they would not ratify a stain on our democracy by taking part in such corrupted election process whose results are invalid in true democratic standards. Moswaane was voted for by thousands and won and by a big margin! Nothing would change that! No one who voted for him was coerced or had a gun to their head! They did it on their own and freely! For a judge to grand a selfish loser his wish to rob people of F-town of fair and representative democratic process was wrong! Our opposition didn’t care whether fundamental principles were broken but only about the chance to win. That is what they are like, no good principles! That’s the message sent to Batswana – they want to win at all cost, even if democratic principles are bent! It’s wrong!

    As for peace in our country, Batswana take all the credit, not opposition! Look at history! If Batswana did not reject such calls for violence from our opposition, we would have had war here by now! Lately even civil servant in a constitutionally supported peaceful demonstration over pay dispute were asked to take up weapons and overthrow the government! I can go on to show you that we don’t have mature and principled opposition in this country! Everyone can see it! That’s why Batswana stayed out of sham election in F-West, ultimately 8% of eligible voters voting for the winner, 92% did not! Hardly an endorsement by that constituency, is it?

  6. Tsotsi Wee 2014/01/31

    i encourage u 2 kip makin politicly chrged condemntions about you’r legal system & 2 kip callin you’r fellow country(wo)men i*iots. wont be here whn you’r kind hv ovrmultiplied & are reapin the harvest

  7. Chris M 2014/02/01

    I fully respect our legal system and it is respected internationally because of its high standards! Up to this unfortunate decision we have never had any decision by a judge to stage an undemocratic election process.We can’t have our democracy destroyed by anyone, even by judges! We won’t have any democracy if this precedent is repeated! People have had grievances when they lost but no judge ever imposed on party affairs in the manner we have seen! Court orders are supposed to be respected as we have seen but they should be issued appropriately! This was utterly wrong! I love this country like anyone out there and I would like to see our democracy strengthened, not destroyed!

    As for calling opposition i*iots, well it was probably wrong but in many ways on point and deserved! Look at what they have advocated in our country for years! Things that would have destroyed this country if majority citizens agreed with them! No smart person would ever entertain uprisings or even open war as solution to national challenges in a democracy like ours! Smart people know that we are stronger when peaceful and only debating issues and solutions in the spirit of comity, not inciting unrest or violence! Leaders in good parties in many democracies have been asked to step down for more benign indiscretions than asking people to take arms and overthrow government over issues like pay dispute! What kind of leaders would these make? Teaching our people that violence in the answer? Where will it stop? We don’t need this!

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