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LIFT: the sunrise can get you up

LIFT: the sunrise can get you up

I think I need to work on my outlook.

One reason I say that is I’ve been feeling sorry for myself lately so I haven’t been a whole lot of fun to be around.

The other is that I’ve realised I always need to work on my attitude.

The funny thing is I’m setting off on an adventure and I’m probably going to have quite an exciting and enjoyable time during the next few weeks.

I’m writing this piece from the comfort of an Oliver Tambo International Airport transit lounge where I’m waiting to fly to Francistown.

I had a six hour flight to Dubai from the UK, a four hour layover and then an eight hour flight to Johannesburg.

Tiring, yes; uncomfortable, yes; but still very stimulating and I’m about to spend time with some very good friends in a country I love where the sunrises, sunsets and star filled night skies are the best I’ve ever seen.

I also have to sort out some things that I chose to put on hold when my wife died four years ago including moving some of my possessions off a friend’s farm now that he’s had to leave Francistown for medical reasons.

That’s the main purpose of this trip and I think it helps explain why I’ve been a bit down.

The next thing I was going to write was that I don’t think my concerns or my memories justified my staying down for as long as I did, but now that I think about it, I don’t suppose I was as bad as I could have been and I seem to be getting back on track.

Fortunately, that second thought fits in much better with the point I am hoping to make today, which is…

I think we all need something in our lives that helps keep us centred, and it should be something we do on a regular basis because if we ever do happen to get it right, it’s not going to stay there.

The gentleman who sat next to me on the plane this morning read The Koran for a while soon after waking up. Many people start the day by reading The Bible or other spiritual material.

Others meditate or do yoga or go for a run.

In this case, a long chat with my daughter helped me see my own situation in a more realistic light, and the prospect of watching the sun rise over Francistown once again reminded me of how that ritual used to help me start my days with a bit of wonder.

On a weekly basis, however, thinking about what is important to me so I can write this column helps me appreciate the good things in my life.

It should also be noted that our attitude on life has an effect on our loved ones, our work mates and all the other people we interact with each day, so taking care of ourselves isn’t really a selfish thing.

Well, it’s Friday morning now and I’m in Francistown dealing with the things I have to do.

I’ve just learned that while I was at the airport in Johannesburg the friend I was hoping to see who let me store things on his farm passed away.

If that doesn’t put things into perspective, nothing will.



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